Apple HomePod Mini: A Smart Speaker For A Smart Home

HomePod Mini
HomePod Mini

Apple’s much-awaited HomePod mini is finally here. This is smaller in size than other smart speakers and Siri-enabled devices. This HomePod comes in a small package. You can say that Apple’s HomePod belongs to the family of both Amazon Echo and the Echo Dot. 

The original HomePod was disclosed by Apple two years later than Amazon did. When the small smart speaker of Amazon came into the market, it did not sell like hotcakes. There are reasons that did not make the smart speaker a hit in the market. They include its price and the impractical size.

And now, the HomePod mini comes with all the corrections. Unlike its predecessors, Apple has brought it into the market with affordability and practical size.

In simpler terms, you will fall in love with the HomePod if you have certain preferences. That is if you have chosen Siri as your smart assistant, if you prefer HomeKit as your smart home hub, and if you do not hate Apple. 

The addition of the HomePod will bring more sense to your life if you already own one of the Apple gadgets. Like, the Apple TV, the original HomePod, or the iPhone. 

Let us get into the details now!

The Detailed Features Of The HomePod Mini-

Look wise-

  1. There is nothing new about the shape and size of the mini Pod. It is sleek, round, and small like all the other smart speakers. 
  2. In the size of 3.3 inches, it comes in just two colors space grey and white. 
  3. An acoustics friendly mesh fabric is wrapped around it. Please note that this, along with the shape, is made in that way to elevate the quality of audio.
  4. Just like the original HomePod, the mini HomePod comes with an LED led touch control pad.

Intercom features-

When it comes to capabilities, the mini HomePod matches that of Amazon’s Drop-In and Google’s Broadcast. If there are any other Apple devices in your home, you can send voice messages to it as well. 

It is up to you to choose to use the Intercom service. If you do not want it then you can turn it off for each device in the settings of the Home app. There is also an array of options that allows you to receive or not receive any notifications according to your personal preferences for the HomePod mini. 

The most overwhelming news is that Intercom allows sending voice notes to all Apple gadgets, including, Apple watches and AirPods.

Regular Features

HomePod Mini
HomePod Mini

There is not much to talk about the features. All the basic kinds of stuff expected from any smart speakers can be carried out. Right from the weather or any knowledge-based questions, playing music, or making calls, everything is addressed. Those are updated, based on software, and do everything that Siri does. 

HomePod Mini: Handsoff 

The handsoff feature of Apple makes it so much easier to send audio back and forth between the smart speaker and iPhone. If the Bluetooth of your device is turned on, and the wifi connected to is the same as your smart speaker, then it works with the original HomePod or HomePod mini.

To know if the audio is connecting to the HomePod or not, you will probably see a notification. And this will only happen if you bring your phone closer to the speaker and start feeling haptic feedback.

The most likable thing about the HomePod speaker is its simplicity. You do not even have to task or tap Siri to get your things done. With new updates in the future, handoff will come with improved visuals and audio effects. This is all because of the U1 ultra-wideband chip of the HomePod.

Stereo sound

Any two HomePod minis can be paired if you want stereo sound. It is easy to set up the separation of the left and the right channel. Do this when you create the speaker pair.

However, this is not an exclusive feature of Apple. This can be done on the smart speakers of both Amazon and Google.

If you place the connected minis in the right spot, you will know that they are far better than the stock speaker of your TV, although they might not stand a chance against the high-end sound system.

The audio quality of the HomePod mini-

It comes with a flattering sound system. There is a lot of audio power that has been put into the speaker. Everything from the treble, bass, and, mids are worthy of praise. The HomePod mini is clearer and more distinct in so many ways than the Nest Mini and Echo Dot.

It would be totally unfair to compare the HomePod mini to other speakers that come in $100. This is because owing to the bigger size, they will undoubtedly deliver a better sound experience. However, although the HomePod mini is really small as compared to the Nest Audio or Echo, there is not much sound difference. 

You will need to choose a proper smart home device, something that can be supported by Siri if you do not own any other Apple devices other than an iPhone.

 All in all, you will have no reason to hate this product if you are someone who already ships Apple products. Reasons? It looks good, it comes with a great sound and does all the is expected from smart speakers. 

However, you may hate HomePod for being one of the cheapest Apple products (having numerous features) there can ever be!