Apple iPhone 12’s Design Has Just Been Leaked, Here Are All The Details

apple iphone 12 leaks
apple iphone 12 leaks

Speculations were rife ahead of Apple iPhone 12’s release. The recent leak has confirmed many speculations but has surprised many with its shocking design update. Read more!

Even before Apple’s latest iPhone 12 made its official release, many people had been expecting major changes to the new model. Recent leads have shocked many tech enthusiasts as it looks like the iPhone 12 design has gotten a radical transformation. 

AnTuTu, a major benchmarking website, has revealed iPhone 12 Max’s features and performance. The leak has shown a major change in Apple iPhone 12 Max design. However, what disappointed many people is the performance level of the new Apple A14 chip. This latest chipset is supposed to power Apple iPad Air and iPhone 12. Under AnTuTu’s assessment, the Apple A14 chip has scored even lower than Qualcomm’s SnapDragon 865+, which is a major letdown for many. 

Why Has Apple iPhone 12 Max Performance Score Disappointed Many?

If we breakdown AnTuTu scores, we can see that the iPhone 12’s CPU performance is only 16 percent faster than the iPhone 11. Its graphics score is practically flat. The only good news is that it’s memory speed has increased by 22 percent. However, many have been disappointed by these scores as the Apple A14 chip was supposed to do much better as a nanometer chip. 

The main reason why everyone is upset with Apple iPhone 12’s recent AnTuTu report is its battery life. It almost seems illogical as to why this tech giant would do this. 

The battery life has been downgraded across all the new models by Apple for some reason. This news seems even more surprising given that iPhone 12 Max is incorporating 5G modems, which are notorious for consuming more power. Because of this, Apple also has to abandon ProMotion displays. This is also the reason why the Apple A14 chip is focusing more on efficiency and not speed. 

Apple iPhone 12’s Design Has Just Been Leaked, Here Are All The Details 3

Apple A14 Chip Focuses On Efficiency Than Speed Due To Lower Battery Power

In their defense, Apple has already signaled to this possibility. When they first revealed the Apple A14 chip, they compared their performance with the old A12. 

We could not independently verify AnTuTu’s scores, but given that the new iPad Air would have around 17 percent CPU and 8 percent GPU improvements, it’s not unbelievable that AnTuTu’s scores will be accurate. 

Similarly, the new iPad Air’s battery life will be 8 percent lower than the previous models. 

Moreover, Apple is removing its EarPods and bundled charger features, returning to their previous models. After this recent leak, expectations for iPhone 12 Max are not high right now. 

However, the new design of the iPhone 12 has managed to stir some excitement. The new screen experience is said to have increased. Their wireless charging is also garnering some interest.