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Apple MacOS 11 Big Sur: A Detailed Analysis

The past week has been a revolutionary week in 2020 for all laptop users. Apple made a huge announcement of its designed M1 chip and claimed that it will exponentially enhance the performance of laptops. This novel M chip is a next-generation step for the laptop core processors. In addition to this huge news, Apple also launched a revolutionary gadget for the users of Mac i.e. macOS 11 Big Sur.

Just as the M1 chip processor is a huge step forward for laptop users, macOS 11 Big Sur will be a divine experience for Mac users. Numerous new features might be similar to users of iPads and iPhones. On the other hand, there are so many small and large tweaks and enhancements. This new edition of Big Sur happens to be an enormous update for the users of Mac since it is a redesigned interface along with a Control Center that is brand new, a widget support system, and many more exciting features.

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But before you make the required update, the suggestion is to find out the pros and cons of the reviews.

macOS 11 Big Sur
macOS 11 Big Sur

macOS 11 Big Sur Pros and Cons


i. Clean new look

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ii. Additions to Messages, Maps, Safari, and others

iii. Better Notification Center


i. Touchscreen updates not possible without touchscreen

ii. Transparency and contrast controls are on the extremes

The redesign is the key feature that is most attractive. The entire operating system has been given an advanced setup and appearance that Apple claims are the biggest update in terms of design to the desktop Os since OS X. Apple also made several tweaks which might not be good in theory but will contribute to the aesthetic which is user-friendly, modern, and very similar to iOS.

The dock icons of various applications offered by Apple presently come with a similar shape resembling a roundish-square. Several apps also include updated icons that resemble iOS icons. Music is on a background which is red with white eighth notes. Mail has been made into a white envelope icon with blue background along with the compass of Safari being replaced by a background which is white and many other changes. Many users are unhappy and have expressed their concerns about the change in the icons of these applications.

One key modification on macOS 11 Big Sur is the use of translucent as well as transparent layers. The bar for the menu on top was white but has been made translucent and adopted colors that are on the desktop background. The menu bar and text icons adapt accordingly by turning white on a darker background and vice-versa. This change is also visible to the person when entering inside the application.

macOS 11 Big Sur has one tiny annoying function where the “Hour” or clock utility remained on the menu bar has remained white when it was replaced to a background which was also white and made it hard to find the apps on it. Now the transparency can be turned off through the Accessibility. However, it will eliminate the entire interface and make it very ugly. As a result, it is not worth opting for some apps.

Nonetheless, this is not the highlight of macOS 11 Big Sur. Many users need a menu bar including utilities and do not want to utilize the dark background for the desktop. But it shows the point that not every application can match up to the speed of the new design as of yet.

The menus as well sidebars have more spacing, it has a taller menu bar, and there is a little gap in between the dock icons and the bezel with more padding surrounding the buttons of the stoplight. Everything appears flattened and a little less contrasting and polished overall with popping features. This latest look is united and very modern as it is an OS.

List of Macs That Will Support The Update Of macOS 11 Big Sur

i. 2015 and the following MacBook

ii. 2013 and the following MacBook Air

iii. 2013 and the following MacBook Pro

iv. 2014 and the following Mac Mini

v. 2014 and the following iMac

vi. 2017 and the following iMac Pro

vii. 2013 and the following Mac Pro

macOS 11 Big Sur Features

The interface of macOS 11 Big Sur has many new features. The Control Center is very similar to iOS but not as useful as it is for the MacBook Pro on iPhone. The System Preference can be swapped in Accessibility Shortcut, rapid user switching, and battery percentage. Customizations on the Control Center are available once users drag and then drop the required apps along with the features to serve their purpose. As a result, this redesigning has made it all very user-friendly and efficient.

macOS 11 Big Sur
macOS 11 Big Sur

The Notification Center pops up in the clock of the bar for the menu or when swiped to the left on the track-pad. Countless new additional widgets have been included in the Notification Center which has been redesigned by Apple. Other apps have been very fast to give support to the novel widgets of macOS 11 Big Sur. This new Notification Center is likely to add various new notifications for updated interactions. As soon as you select and press on the notification, there will be the required action along with some added information that will help the users.

macOS 11 Big Sur has a new safari option that allows various desired adjustments and changes needed by users. This safari is claimed to be exponentially faster and way more efficient. You can personalize the start page by managing shortcuts, a background photo, and many other sections. Many tabs of Safari have been modified with favicons automatically. A brand new translation feature helps to choose native languages.

Apple has claimed that Safari is very fast and takes up much less battery. The preview of the tab on Safari is also new. If you stay over the tab you will find a little preview of the contents that will pop up. This is an additional feature which is a great leap forward macOS 11 Big Sur that hops between many tabs for professional work and school work.

There is a new addition to data privacy. Once you click on the left hand side shield of the address bar and pull a tab of active web pages, you can see all details. The new feature of password management gives an alert if any saved password has been breached. Users can also customize the extensions of the website that can be accessed.

macOS 11 Big Sur has finally launched a Messaging app that is based on iPad. There are options of pinning favorite messages, sharing user names and images, messaging one person in the group chat, and many more new features. You can choose to respond to one particular group member in the group chat thread. Group images can be automatically shared between all members of the existing group. The new upgraded feature of improved Photo selector allows users to select photos from their recent albums. Additional fun effects like confetti, balloons, lasers, and others have been added to this new update.

Maps have also been modified. The locations which are recent and among the favorites can be seen on the left side with a degree street view with the feature of Look Around. When you choose an address you can see a small bubble including all the information that appears on the map itself instead of appearing on the bar on the side just like in Google Maps.

Live updates that allow sharing of ETA and indoor addresses for airports and malls. A complete-featured detail in the maps was long-awaited and much needed. A tailor-made map is perfect for macOS 11 Big Sur users. Those bubbles are useful for planning trips from home and finding routes and destinations. The bubbles are a very enhanced and cool feature on the screen of computers. The Safari app is also good for computer users. 

At the present moment, macOS 11 Big Sur is a very unique and advanced operating system. The system is extremely fast, has a large number of utility features, and is very attractive. Most importantly, however, it forms a foundation and paves way for all future developments and innovations.

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