MacOS 11 Big Sur Is Now Made Available With Additional Features For Mac Users

macOS 11 Big Sur
macOS 11 Big Sur

After almost 5 months since the testing of beta, macOS 11 Big Sur has been finally made available to the public on a global basis. This new edition of Big Sur happens to be an enormous update for the users of Mac since it is an interface that has been redesigned along with a Control Center that is brand new, a widget support system, and many more exciting features. We have brought you the latest and most amazing features in macOS 11 Big Sur.

The Installation Process Of macOS 11 Big Sur

Mac users now have ready access to macOS 11 Big Sur. All that is required is to be downloaded. The process of installation will take time so you must be ready to let go of some Mac parts during the time of this time-consuming installation process.

The App Store of Mac provides full access to macOS 11 Big Sur to be installed. However, before the installation begins, users will have to keep on trying several times since the new operating system is being rolled out gradually to all users.

List of Macs That Will Support The Update Of macOS 11 Big Sur

i. 2015 and the following MacBooks

ii. 2013 and the following MacBook Air

iii. 2013 and the following MacBook Pro

iv. 2014 and the following Mac Mini

v. 2014 and the following iMac

vi. 2017 and the following iMac Pro

vii. 2013 and the following Mac Pro

macOS 11 Big Sur
macOS 11 Big Sur

Enhanced features of macOS 11 Big Sur

Remodeled Interface:

The entire macOS 11 Big Sur has several small and huge tweaks in the existing interface as well as the over-all design of this enhanced operating system. The OS has included several new icons. Besides, there is a taller, radiant, and transparent menu bar. The entire dock went through a process of restructuring. Apart from these very obvious and major changes, there are numerous little redesigning that has been done to the macOS 11 Big Sur.

i. Reformed sheets within the apps

ii. Window appearance is much lighter

iii. New and upgraded sound system

iv. Sidebars enlarged to a full-height space

v. macOS enabled new symbol

Notification Center:

Countless new additional widgets have been included in the Notification Center which has been redesigned by Apple. These restructured widgets seem to correspond a lot with the iOS 14 supported iPad and iPhone. To personalize the widgets of macOS 11 Big Sur, users can go to the Notification Center and make changes with the help of ‘Edit Widgets’.

Other apps have been very fast to give support to the novel widgets of macOS 11 Big Sur. Even the task manager has been functioning exponentially well with this operating system. However, many more new features will be rolling out within the span of the next few days.

This new Notification Center is likely to add various new notifications for updated interactions. As soon as you select and press on the notification, there will be the required action along with some added information that will help the users. For example, by selecting and pressing onto the notification that has been received from the mailing application, users can easily reply to any mail that they desire to respond to from that Notification Center itself.

Control Center:

The main highlight of the macOS 11 Big Sur is a modernized Control Center that is very alike that present in an iPad and iPhone. Customizations on the Control Center are available once users drag and then drop the required apps as well as features to serve their purpose. As a result, this redesigning has made it all very user-friendly and efficient.

macOS 11 Big Sur
macOS 11 Big Sur

New features Of Safari:

macOS 11 Big Sur has a new safari option that allows various desired adjustments and changes needed by users. This safari is claimed to be exponentially faster and way more efficient that loads things at least 50% quicker than downloads from Chrome. Apple has also claimed that this will permit users to stream their desired videos for almost 1.5 hrs continuously. 

With a new visual renovation, users can readjust images in the background as well as choose new sections to display them on the opening page.

Safari offers in-built translation features as well. There is also an improved feature of Privacy Report that keeps your browser safe and private across all the websites visited by you.

Automated AirPod Switching:

macOS 11 Big Sur provides an automatic feature for switching the AirPod and various supplementary Apple headsets. This feature is very similar to iPadOS 14 and iOS 14.

This automatic feature permits AirPods to automatically change among an iPod touch, iPhone, Mac, iPad, as well an Apple Watch. Nonetheless, all these devices must be paired to one single iCloud a/c.

Novel Messaging Application:

macOS 11 Big Sur has finally launched a Messaging app that is based on an iPad. There are options of pinning favorite messages, sharing user name and image, messaging one person in the group chat, and many more new features.

i. Specific reply: You can choose to respond to one particular group member in the group chat thread.

ii. Improved photo selector: This new upgraded feature allows users to select photos from their recent albums.

iii. Group images: Group images can be automatically shared between all participants in the existing group.

iv. Effects in messaging: Additional fun effects like confetti, balloons, lasers, and others have been added to this new update.

Finishing Word

The above-mentioned features are only a few of the numerous features in the macOS 11 Big Sur. Update your operating system and you find out more about the added features.