Approximately 709,000 US Citizens Have Filed Claims For Unemployment Last Week


Within the last week, America has received almost 709,000 fresh unemployment cases filed to receive its benefits. The number seems to reveal a huge improvement from the usual number since the COVID-19 pandemic began and is still exponentially increasing.

The Labor Department gave their reports on Thursday saying:

a. Till the first week of November, the cases of unemployment estimate were 731,000 against the 709,000.

b. Last week of October, the estimates for unemployment cases were 6.825 million but the number was 6.786 million.

Rate Of Unemployment

Since the last 11 weeks, the Labor Department report showed that unemployment cases have been less than one million. However, the new unemployment claims have remained above 700,000 every week.  Since the pandemic broke out, the number of claims from unemployed Americans have been high as a mountain. In 2019, the claims for unemployment were around 200,000 every week which was quite average.

Georgia witnessed a decline of 14,000 claims. Nonetheless, states like New Jersey, Florida, Texas, and Kentucky are still struggling with a very high number of coronavirus cases despite a decline in unemployment claims. Washington experienced the largest number of claims with an increase of over 10,000 the previous week.

7 million Americans registered to receive benefits under state unemployment policies. About 160,000 Americans registered for Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation. 21.2 million US citizens are receiving some kind of unemployment financial aid from various government schemes.