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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Arthur_0x Loses $1.6 Million From His Hot Wallet

There has been news that some hackers took big names of people in DeFi and as per Arthur_0x, the hackers have messed with the wrong people. Arthur_0x, the founder of DeFiance Capital, one of the famous firms in the crypto investment recently went through a hack that attacked his hot wallet. The attack by the hackers resulted in a loss of approximately $1.6 million in cryptocurrency and NFTs. 

Arthur_0x Is Upset About The Hackers 

A lot of people from the community of cryptocurrency came forward to help Arthur_0x, followed his instructions, and blocked the hacker’s wallet. Many individuals with the help of Twitter are trying to figure out how the hack happened and how the hackers got access to the wallets that Arthur_0x used to possess. 

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Cirrus, one of the members of the NFT community have even bought two stolen Azuki NFTs and have made up their mind to return them to Arthur_0x at the original price. He even stated to Cointelegraph that he will return them to help him out, unlike others who are making a profit out of the situation. 

Cirrus decided to help Arthur_0x as he himself has faced such a situation thrice and thus he is showing his sympathy to him. Cirrus faced three rug pulls which is a situation when an NFT or crypto project shuts down and their token value and NFT plummets also closes without any warning. 

As per sources, a loss of 78 NFTs was stolen from the five different collections and mostly was taken from Azukis. Moreover, 4349 staked DYDX, 1578 LOOKS, and 68 wETH tokens were also lost. The hackers moved the assets from 12:30 a.m. and put them all quickly on NFTs bid in the marketplace of OpenSea NFT. The wallet of the hackers still contained $1.6 million worth of ETH.

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