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Saturday, April 17, 2021

Audius Has Hit New Record High After 3M Active Users Subscribe

The price of Audius has successfully managed to reach their latest all-time high soon after this decentralized finance platform of music streaming exceeded a massive 3 million users who are very active. In addition, the developers have indicated that the platform might integrate with futures NFT.

In the meantime the blockchain technology has rapidly become a crucial part of the conventional and popular attention, their integration with the most widely used technologies of today will definitely increase as well. This suggests that within some time the video streaming, social media, and digital music will be witnessing a steady integration of blockchains.

Audius Rapidly Rising In Popularity

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Audius (AUDIO) has been chasing their advantage of the first-mover in the sector of music streaming. This music-sharing, as well as streaming protocol, enables the transaction between listeners and creators and this allows comparatively effortless experience for the users for the purpose of distributing along with monetizing their audio content.

The Audius project has managed to grab the eyeballs owing to their approach in the process of decentralizing the industry of music. In addition to this, they have also reached a whopping 3 million active monthly users and the team celebrated this achievement on the 2nd of March.

The reports of TradingView Markets revealed that the price of Audius spiked by 108% from the beginning of March to their all-time high at $0.79 from $0.38 on 4th March. On the other hand, the trading volume of the other altcoins has reached a massive $55 million from a mere $3 million.

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The first largest spike in users happened in October 2020 after the project launched and the staking activation happened in December. AUDIO was enabled to earn a yield of 7% through holders for tokens that were staked.

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