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Elon Musk Mocks GM, Chrysler; CEO Of Ford Replies in 1 Word

By now every person is quite acquainted with the social media gimmicks and presence of Elon Musk. This billionaire businessman does not hold himself back at the time of making any tweet or replying to other users. His immense power and influence are evident in the fact that one tweet from him can lead to the rise or fall of the stock market.

On 4th March, Thursday, Elon Musk made a post through his Twitter account where he wrote that both Ford and Tesla are the sole American car manufacturing companies that have not become bankrupt. However, more than 1000 car startups have become bankrupt. The models are simple but the production is difficult and the flow of cash is the toughest of all.

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To this tweet of Musk, Jim Farley, CEO of Ford replied in 1 single word, ‘Respect’.

Elon Musk And Ford CEO Have A Twitter Conversation

The latest tweet of Elon Musk has already created a lot of buzz on Twitter since it has garnered more than 49,000 likes from Twitter users and more than 3,000 re-tweets. The tweet has hidden messages where he reminds that Chrysler and General Motors had become bankrupt in 2008 during the time of recession.

Forbes.com has reported that General Motors has filed bankruptcy in NY with $173 billion liabilities and $82 billion assets in 2009 June. This was the biggest bankruptcy ever.

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Musk is a self-made billionaire while Farley’s grandfather was an employee of the Ford factory.

Musk was pushed back to the 3rd spot on the list of the wealthiest people across the world after a whopping $6.2 billion loss. Jeff Bezos is ranked 1st with a net worth of $20 billion more than Musk.

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