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Ava Labs Deny Conspiracies

Ava Labs has been one of the biggest companies in the cryptocurrency market. The company has been growing significantly in the past few years. The company made some of the biggest profits and attracted a number of investors in the crypto world. However, the situation of the crypto world has been downgrading at a rapid pace. A piece of news that has gone viral recently has caught the attention of many.

This news comes at a time when the entire crypto market is going through a tough phase. The crypto market has been plagued with a huge downward curve for the past few months. Most of the companies have suffered heavy losses. Prominent companies like Coinbase have declared themselves insolvent and Coinflex has recently announced cutting down significantly on its employees. Big names like Bitcoin and Ethereum have also seen their prices go down to new lows.

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A recent blog posted on the internet by CryptoLeaks has claimed about an Ava Labs secret pact with the government. The blog claimed that the company was teaming up with the government of the United States of America to go after its competitors. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Ava Labs Refuses To Admit Recent Leaks 

Ava Labs have been plagued recently by a lot of controversies online. Recent blog posts by CryptoLeaks have made the bold claim that the company is in a secret pact with the government. The pact would allow the company to sue their competitors in exchange for equities and AVAX tokens. 

However, all these controversies and claims have been turned down by Ava Labs. Gun Sirer is currently the CEO of the company. He has strongly disagreed with any secret pact and has stated that the claims were conspiracy theories. 

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