Avoid Scammers When It Comes To Your Stimulus Check 2 Status

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

Are you growing impatient about your stimulus check 2 status? Hold your breath as there are no signs of getting it until mid-December. The ongoing elections have occupied Congress, but that is still not the point of concern. What is the most important right now is for you to be very vigilant of scammers posing as IRS officials as they extract money from you. 

The commotion of the failing national and world economy and the ongoing health crisis has provided a perfect breeding ground for scammers to work more freely. So, next time you are asked to provide any personal information or download certain strange things by any “official”, make sure you do your background work!

Protect Yourself From Fake Stimulus Check Providers 

Unfortunately, over 5000 US citizens have fallen prey to scams already. And the figures run into $2 million. If you have received communication anything similar to these, you need to take action – 

  1. Tells you to accept your stimulus check payment, or, 
  2. Tells you that you have received $1200 from the IRS from the ‘CoVID recovery fund’

However, if you think you have already fallen into the trap then go and report identity theft to IRS and FTC at IdentityTheft.gov. and save yourself. 

What to look up to for the authentic stimulus check 2 status? 

Tracking the “Get My Payment” page on the IRS official website is the most important answer to your question, but please do not ignore the following points either, 

1. There have been no clear talks regarding the passage of the second stimulus bill until the end of the year, which means do not expect any such thing until then. 

2. The IRS webpage is the only medium that has anything to do with the stimulus check 2 status and process. There is no other official medium that exists. So, do not disclose personal information on any personnel or platform except the official IRS webpage. 

3. Be very cautious about the language they use. Authentic officials prefer using the word “economic impact payment” and not “stimulus check” or “stimulus payment”. 

4. If the amount on your check has cents included or any such unusual numbers, then be alert. 

5. You get notified through the mail after your deposit has been completed, not before it. 

6. Make sure that there is no third party involvement, and the entire process is carried out by just you. 

Now you know about your stimulus check 2 status. Keep your family and friends informed too, to save them from frauds.