Axie Infinity Creating Work In The Metaverse

axie infinity
axie infinity

Axie Infinity has finally come on top with a protocol revenue that is more than the largest cryptocurrencies in the world. As of now, the cute NFT game has collected over $30 million just the last week, which is comprehensively more than Bitcoin, Ethereum, Uniswap, Aave, PancakeSwap, Compound, QuickSwap, SushiSwap, MetaMask, MakerDAO, Lido Finance, and Synthetix- combined.

In this particular scenario, the business is specifically designed for those people who would be profiting. And interestingly, the people in question aren’t crypto bros that get richer. The major beneficiaries of this game are those that stay in the lower echelons of the food chain.

The Major Growth Of Axie Infinity 

With an estimated 60% user percentage from the Philippines, Axie Infinity is already on top with almost half a million daily active users. Putting things into perspective, back in 2020, the daily active user count for Axie was below 500. But ever since the world got wind of this developing game with its Pokemon-esque gameplay, the product has already fit itself with a major segment of the population that hasn’t been the priority for most of the tech companies around the world. 

While several experts have believed that the search for SLP- the token of Axie Infinity- is quite meaningless, they haven’t yet understood the nature of decentralized gaming. It is quite understandable why they would consider it pointless, for people are only familiar with an uber exploitative business model in the gaming industry. But their uninformed opinion also posits a distinct lack of consideration for those who have already found their major purpose in these games. 

For many individuals in the sector, a play-to-earn game like Axie Infinity looks pretty good. So much that there is a distinct possibility of many workers getting rid of offline jobs to seek a career in the Metaverse. In the Philippines, such a scenario is not very difficult to imagine.