Barclays Ruined A Man’s Credit File

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Barclays Payday Student Loans

A customer of Barclays recently opened up about how he felt let down by the bank after they destroyed his credit file by wrongly marking down mortgage payments that were missed. The customer, Steve, was quite astounded when he started receiving letters through his door last year- including one that came in on Christmas Eve- stating that he had arrears of around $3,000.

In reality, though, Steve had actually been spending the last couple of months overpaying his mortgage- while making sure he wasn’t missing out on any of the payments. 

Barclays Has Messed Up Credit Reports Of Clients

Steve also mentioned that he and his partner had spoken to Barclays about the entire debacle, and they were assured that the situation would be resolved. But in January of this year, he received yet another letter from Halifax stating that they wanted to revoke his credit card due to erroneous information that was discovered against him during a routine check. It was later found out that the six arrears linked to his mortgage were displayed on his Equifax credit file, which left a delinquent mark on his clean report. 

Steve had to call forth the media after it surfaced that several other people had also had their credit files marked mistakenly with arrears of mortgage payment by Barclays. Steve, who is currently employed in the utility industry, informed The Mirror that he was quite shocked and informed his wife that this was exactly the sort of thing one would see on TV. 

The letter that the couple had originally received from Barclays stated that the couple had £3,000 in arrears- but then their mortgage had been later adjusted to £2,000. Steve mentions that this was quite contrary to what the bank had informed him, and had major discrepancies with the arrears that were displayed.