Big Donors Dare to Dream: Could Nikki Haley Really Defeat Trump?


Commending her expertise and confidence, Mr. Bush, who is a Republican and supported Mr. Biden in the 2020 election and Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson in 2016, expressed his admiration for the woman in question.

Touching on the pervasive query of “How to defeat Donald Trump?” Mr. Bush shared that her cautious approach of saying “people will make their judgment on him, but here are my stances on various aspects,” impressed him. She listed a number of issues related to the country’s debt and her role in the world, infusing an electric energy into the crowd that Mr. Bush believes got them charged up.

However, thwarting Mr. Trump’s relentless stride towards the Republican nomination, despite Ms. Haley’s increasing popularity, is expected to be a formidable task. Having an upper hand in the national and preliminary state polls, Mr. Trump is as good as an incumbent candidate, with a wealth of loyal fans prepared to cast their votes exclusively for him.

Top donors and advisors report two categories emerging amidst significant donors within the party:

Firstly, those willing to yield to the realization that regardless of their personal opinions on Mr. Trump, he could well be the nominee, and thus they have ceased financing potential alternatives. The second group comprises those who are confident that with sufficient financial backing and a smart field strategy, Ms. Haley could dethrone him.

Despite facing steep odds, her monetary backers believe that a victory is still within reach.

Republican fundraiser, Eric Levine, who heads Eiseman Levine Lehrhaupt & Kakoyiannis’ bankruptcy and litigation departments, revealed, “Some people strongly disapprove of Trump but doubted his stoppability. Now, seeing Ms. Haley’s gradual ascent in the polls, they believe he can be stopped.”

Big Donors Speculate on Nikki Haley’s Potential to Defeat Trump