Biggest Sate Stimulus Check Payout In October As The California Cash Back Is Up Next Week: Colorado Payments Also On Track

stimulus checks
Stimulus Checks

The number of states sending out relief payments and rebates to residents has swelled to over 20 as federal stimulus checks dry up. The states have relied on American Rescue Plan Act funds to help out residents as record inflation makes a mess of their finances.  

The California Middle-Class Cash Back is the biggest payout by any state as over 23 million residents are set to benefit from the largesse announced by Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom. In what is virtually the third state stimulus check announced in a year, the Governor has set aside $17 billion for inflation relief in the form of tax rebates for the residents of the Golden State.

The Governor said that the budget would invest in the core values for which California stood. The money would be coming in at a pivotal moment and would safeguard women’s right to choose, and expand health care access to all. It would also support the most vulnerable members of society and also set aside funds for combating the climate crisis that is affecting all of us. He said that provisions would also be made to transform the education system, boost the energy grid of the state, and protect vulnerable communities.

Newsom said that as California envisages a better future for all, it continues to model what responsible and progressive governance should take after.

Eligibility For The Third California Stimulus Check

Even as the state is just days away from its biggest payout, it is worth remembering that California is dipping into its massive state budget surplus which is a whopping $97 billion. The eligibility criteria for the cash back include the basic rule that residents must have filed their income tax return for 2020 before October 15 last year.

Residents must also limit the adjusted gross income as detailed on the refund page. They must also not have been claimed as a dependent in the 2020 tax year and must have been a resident of the Golden State for at least 6 months in 2020. They must also be residents of the state on the date the stimulus check is issued.

The Inflation Relief Package Announced By Gov. Newsom Has Other Provisions

Gov. Newsom had initially proposed a gas debit card of $400 for every resident owning a card. Families were set to receive a maximum of two cards bringing in $800 maximum for a family.

The 2022-23 California spending plan includes a budget package that provides a total of $33 billion for transportation-related programs. A budget of $1.4 billion will help ports and goods movement infrastructure, operational efficiency, and workforce development. 

Close to $2.7 billion ahs have been allocated for emergency rental assistance to help low-income tenants who have requested rental assistance. Another $1.4 billion has gone towards funds to pay utility bills. Support for electricity bills and utility bills continue from last year.

The budget also includes a one-year reduction in the sales tax on diesel from 13 to 9% starting October this year. it is expected to provide fiscal relief from the high costs of fuel to drivers and businesses.

October Date With The California Stimulus Check

Starting the first week of October, the eligible resident will receive the one-off inflation relief payment that could go up to $1,050 for low-income residents with dependents. The payments are linked to income, household size, and filing status.

The California refunds are part of the larger $12 billion relief efforts that were approved by Californian legislators. The amount was upgraded and changed from the gas debit cards of $400 to the bigger payment structure that is in place at present.

Single filers earning below $75,000 will receive a stimulus check of $350. Joint filers earning $150,000 or less and with at least one dependent will get $350 each, bringing in a total of $1,050, with $350 for each filer and a similar amount for one dependent.

The equal amount for dependents is in vogue for all tax slabs, though a second dependent will not receive anything.

Individual filers with earnings between $75,000 and $125,000 will receive a stimulus check of $250 and a similar amount for one dependent. For joint filers, the amount goes up to $750 for a family of three, including one dependent.

In the upper-income bracket, individual filers earning between $125,000 and $250,000 will receive a $200 Stimulus Check while a couple filing jointly and earning $500,000 in 2021 would receive the same amount each. A dependent will bring both the family and the individual an additional $200. Individuals and joint filers earning more than the mentioned sums are not eligible for the cashback Stimulus Check declared by the state.

Residents who failed to file their complete tax returns for 2020 will not receive a Stimulus Check. An exception has been made for those who did not receive their Taxpayer Identification Number by October 15, 2021, despite having applied for it.

The California tax rebate has also increased allocated funds for multiple social programs that include the State Supplementary Payment and the Supplemental Security Income. Around a million seniors and disabled residents benefit from this assistance. The SSP and SSI benefits have been increased by around $39 every month for individuals and $100 for couples.

CalWORKS grants have also been increased and proves support through both money and services to eligible families with children.

Colorado Cash Back Continues Through September

Qualified Coloradans started getting a Stimulus Check across the last two months, and they continue to this day and are expected to spill ever into October. The Colorado Cash Back is possible thanks to the Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights (TABOR), which puts a limit on how much the state government can spend. The law requires the government to refund the excess revenue amount to the taxpayers.

The Stimulus Check bill was signed by Governor Jared Polis back in May. Instead of having t wait until next spring as it normally happens, the payment has been pushed ahead and will materialize earlier to help people affected by the record inflation.

Residents started getting the inflation relief measures at the beginning of August, as revealed by the Revenue department of the state.