Lightning Network Intersection Will Be Implemented By Binance For Better Bitcoin Transactions


The critical first step toward incorporating the Bitcoin Network for withdrawals and deposits was revealed by the cryptocurrency exchange Binance on June 20. Binance recognized users who confirmed the existence of their recent Lightning intersection in a tweet. Binance emphasized that more technical work has to be done before the integration of Lightning can be completely deployed, but vowed to keep everyone updated.

Recent Dispute Between SEC And Binance Risks Company Future

The company revealed its intentions to implement the Lightning Network to reduce bottlenecks as a reply to the BTC tickers below $30,246 network’s congestion on 7th May. Binance acknowledged the potential of the BTC Lightning Network in such circumstances and emphasized its continuing efforts to make it possible for withdrawals in a tweet. The popularity of meme coins was a significant element in the increasing congestion, which was mostly brought on by a spike in BRC-20 exchanges. 

A layer-two protocol called the Bitcoin Network was created atop the Bitcoin chain to overcome scalability concerns. It gives users the ability to build payment channels, carry out off-blockchain exchanges rapidly and affordably, and decide on the canals of the Bitcoin digital ledger when needed. The recent Lightning Network promises to improve the scalability, speed, and secrecy of Bitcoin exchanges, making it much more effective for micro-exchanges while lowering costs and decreasing blockages on the central network. A recent legal dispute between Binance and the US SEC has doubted the company’s future. The settlement agreement between Binance.US, and the SEC was authorized by Judge Amy B. Jackson of the U.S. District Court for Columbia, thus there is some relief. 

The accord essentially nullified the SEC’s request for a restraining order temporarily, which would freeze all of the company’s assets.