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Options Metrics Of Significant Bitcoin and Ethereum Indicate Bullish Trend

Since the past few days, the prices of Bitcoin have not performed expectedly well. However, Ethereum has outdone the performance of BTC by approximately 20%. Although Bitcoin has been struggling to surpass the barrier of $18,800, the cryptocurrencies of BTC and ETH have been showing a similar bullish trend as reported by the data of market derivatives.

Ethereum is about to enter the rally which may prove to be parabolic since the network of ETH2’s launch improvement along with their optimism is clearly visible in the available options for markets. Although there is a lack of related action of price from Bitcoin, the traders of BTC seem unaffected and data reveals BTC traders have been acting wildly bullish.

Bullish Future for Bitcoin And Ethereum

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Analyzing the indicator for basis seems to be a very useful tool for the purpose of comparing the future levels of contracts with the present price that are situated at the regular exchange spots.

Bitcoin, Ethereum
Bitcoin Ethereum

Healthy markets have a tendency of showing about 5% to 10% year-end-year basis that is usually referred to as contango. Nevertheless, trading futures with discount options have high chances of becoming a bearish market.

The future of Ethereum on an annualized basis usually ranges from 10% to 20%. This range reveals a bullish expectation. On the other hand, Ethereum might be left by the derivatives exchange while the seller utilizes it for the purpose of staking. As a result, it is expected that the demand for trade will be premium.

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The future of Bitcoin has also been taking a similar path despite the lackluster performance today which has somewhat been negative. What is obvious for BTC is that in case their traders had not shown as much interest as they have been currently, then they would not have been experiencing a bullish trend on the stock market. Also, the trading push has resulted in an annualized basis of 10%.

Traders are willing to pay a huge premium only if the futures contract indicates bullishness and fortunately both the cryptocurrencies have shown bullishness.

The option of sell is received when the delta skew stands at a 25% positive mark and indicates a bearish trend. However, negative skew is an indication of bullish sentiment.

This indicator keeps fluctuating between -20% and +20% in markets that are neutral. Nonetheless, Ethereum has not been showing this range for the last few weeks.

Market experts have also suggested a lower optimism for BTC among the traders following the adverse performance today.

However, Bitcoin has a very positive future ahead despite Ethereum recently outperforming.

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