Stimulus Check 2: Joe Biden Wants To Offer A Bigger Bill

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

Joe Biden, President-elect of the US, wants the stimulus check 2 bills passed prior to his taking over office.

Joe Biden has asked the entire Congress body to focus on the stimulus check 2 before Inauguration Day. In fact, he has instructed his administration and party members to pass the second stimulus package and start rolling out the relief funds to all Americans as soon as possible. He has currently put his entire body of people in pushing for the stimulus check 2 aid in a bigger and quicker manner. On the other hand, the most important step for his proposals to be accepted and passed needs to be accepted by the lawmakers along with the Republicans and the administration of Donald Trump. However, the negotiations have been facing great obstacles and none of the parties involved have been able to agree on the bill which is delaying the aid for the US citizens.

Stimulus Check 2 Details

It has been recently reported that Biden made a public announcement of extending full and uninhibited support to the Democrats’ suggestion of including $2 trillion in the stimulus bill for the purpose of providing adequate assistance to the citizens of the US. Some other important aids include the federal benefits for unemployment, several local as well as state aid programs, and an extended program for Pay-check Protection.

Stimulus Check 2
Stimulus Check 2

Jen Psaki, the transitioning advisor to Biden, has lately spoken about Biden and other congressmen this Friday and said that the negotiations are in a deadlock since emergency aid and assistance during the session of lame-duck failed to reach any conclusion. During that session issues like those of helping needy families, small-scale businesses, others were being discussed and several others were on the list of agenda.

During the negotiations before the 3rd of November, Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker, and Steven Mnuchin, Treasury Secretary were making some progress to agree on the $2 trillion packages which are supposed to be a part of the HEROES Act which was approved in October by the House.

Nonetheless, Republicans suggested a “skinny” package bill of $500 billion considering the weak and declining economy and fiscal condition.

According to recent reports, Biden’s administration is coming up with alternative proposals for the relief package as soon as he takes over the office in the month of January.

There is a sense of immediacy among the citizens due to the fact that several aids are soon going to expire within this year itself. Some jobless aids will expire right after Christmas.

Moratoriums, loans for students, mortgage moderation, and other such aids are also about to wind up very soon.