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Bitcoin Is Back With A Bang: Cryptocurrency Hits $18,000 After An Announcement From PayPal

Bitcoin is on an upswing once again. After PayPal made their announcement of permitting users to transact with virtual currency, the cryptocurrency saw a meteoric rise to $18,267 for one Bitcoin.

Approximately 26 million PayPal merchants can now carry out a trade using Bitcoin as a legitimate form of payment from February 2021 onwards.

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Investors have relied upon Bitcoin instead of currencies that have been fluctuating due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Bitcoin has managed to score another high with the recent reliability expressed by PayPal and witnessed by share prices of cryptocurrency.

Within a span of seven months, cryptocurrency has managed to soar from $8736 to over $18,000 per Bitcoin and increased 110 percent value.

The entire market value stands to value a staggering $337.1 billion.

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The “bubble boom”, at the end of 2017, saw investors purchasing Lamborghinis, luxurious estate, and popularity with their Bitcoin. This notorious trading helped in achieving the highest ever price of $25,037 on December 11, 2017, that Bitcoin had seen till recently surpassed by cryptocurrency.

The legitimacy of Bitcoin is positively affirmed by the Chief Executive of deVere Group, and legal advisor of cryptocurrency, Nigel Green.

This declaration of validity of Bitcoin by Mr. Green was in reply to the financial regulators, officials, and resource persons who deny a reliable future to cryptocurrencies.

The noteworthy announcement by PayPal of buying, selling, and acquiring Bitcoin was retaliation for skeptics and critics of cryptocurrency.

Supporters of Bitcoin believe that this step might encourage a mass implementation of cryptocurrency.

The central bank of Australia does not consider Bitcoin as a lost cause. In 2019, a research bulletin revealed a positive report of the capacity to serve 25 million Australians. Nevertheless, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) does not see many possibilities of Bitcoin becoming a mainstream mode of currency in the nation.

The researchers of the payments division of RBA has observed the growth chart of cryptocurrency within the last few years. The evolution shows an effort in redressing the chief limitations that have prohibited the development of Bitcoin as conventional money.

Ultimately, cryptocurrency has failed to win the trust of Australians and been rejected as a usual form of payment.

Explaining Bitcoin, PayPal Move, the Rise of Cryptocurrency

1. Bitcoin is a type of virtual cryptocurrency which allows an electronic transfer of money. It is democratic in nature as it can only be regulated by market demands.

2. In 2009, a group of people or an individual programmer created Bitcoin under the alias “Satoshi Nakamoto”.

3. Nonetheless, Bitcoin is not available by “mining” general computers. It requires expert programming and hardware.

4. Bitcoins help in resolving extensively complicated mathematical equations. Bitcoin was automatically unearthed by computers. However, Bitcoins are rare objects like natural resources. The availability is estimated to an exhaustive number of 21 million.

5. Before the spectacular rise of Bitcoin value at the end of 2017, there was a disastrous bearish Bitcoin figure ever experienced by currency.

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