Ahead of the launch, PS5 Custom Faceplates Are Available To Pre-Order

Sony PS5
Sony PS5

The official breakdown video released earlier in the month has provided the first glance at the components of the yet to be launched PlayStation 5 (PS5). This video has confirmed that the default faceplate of the latest PS5 console can be removed. Although official confirmation is not yet made, the gaming community is already excited with the thought they would be able to substitute the original casing with new PS5 custom faceplates.

PS5 Custom Faceplates Becomes a Reality

Although Sony is yet to confirm officially, the availability of The PS5 custom faceplates, they are already in production by a third party and are available for pre-order. The shrewdly named website PlateStation5.com has on offer different variants of the PS5 custom faceplates ahead of the much-awaited launch of the gaming console next month.

The PlateStation5.com website has confirmed that five colors of the PS5 custom faceplates are on offer. Users can purchase the Indigo Blue, V1 Matte Black, Jungle Camo, and Chromatic Cherry Red variants of it. The PS5 custom faceplates are available for pre-order for both the standard and the digital editions and come at a price of $40.  

PS5 Custom Faceplates
PS5 Custom Faceplates

When compared with the preceding consoles, the original white plates are the closest, but gamers across the community are very excited with the availability of more options to cover their devices. The website promises that if one places their orders now, they will make sure that the order is dispatched and reaches the buyer in time for the PS5 official launch on November 12.

Is Choosing PlateStation5 A Wise Decision?   

The website shares with the audience that owing to the huge demand for black side plates, it had originally come up with the idea to make only the Matte Black PS5 custom faceplates for its users. But along the way, they have been inspired to add more variants, colors, and options for the users who want to see their consoles in a different way.

Since no official words have come out of Sony regarding their versions of the PS5 custom faceplates, there is little assurance that they would be available anytime soon. Sony is completely focused on launching the latest PlayStation across the globe, and there has been no mention of a release of custom plates from their side. Consequently, PlateStation5 is the primary option if one wants to lay their hands on the latest PS5 custom faceplates. It comes as no great shock to the gaming platform that custom faceplates have now become a reality. PlateStation5 on seeing an opportunity has gone ahead very promptly with their designs of the PS5 custom faceplates, but it is expected that more companies would join the platform and bring out their variants in the next few months.      

It has also come to notice and people have shared their concerns regarding the fact that the company has started off very recently. Hence, one needs to be aware, before spending their money at this point. But it is thought that if PlateStation5 is successful in delivering what they have promised, they are going to be successful in their business in the long run.