Bitcoin Surpasses Berkshire Hathaway With A Market Cap Of $539 Billion


Bitcoin is witnessing a brand new upswing in their activities of trading since they are rapidly approaching $30,000 and the mainstream interest increasing exponentially.

BTC has reported that their highest volume of the transaction since the beginning of 2018. Meanwhile, the data indicates a huge number of investors entering the stock market with an interest in Bitcoin.

All Eyes On Bitcoin

The figures seen in the on-chain resource of analytics of the data highlights from Digital Assets of December 2020 has already been surprising. It shows that Bitcoin has the second-largest volume of transactions.

As there are only 24 hours left in the month of December 2020, Bitcoin has a $252.37B total. This might take the total a step forward while it competed with December 2017.

A few other pointers including the size of the transactions which are unprocessed in the network transaction payment and mempool of BTC also suggest that the overall activity is extremely heightened. It has further reported that the wallets that include both small and large balances are continuously increasing to reach unprecedented levels.

Google Trends has so far recorded the utmost levels of search interest in consideration of BTC on a global basis since 2018 February.

A key reason for attracting so much attention worldwide from conventional sources along with regular crypto traders is the bullish trend displayed in the prices. This is continuing unceasingly throughout the week. At this press time, BTC has been challenging the $29,300 level despite the stubborn rejection to consolidate power.

At the level of $539B, the leading cryptocurrency has topped the market capitalization the preceding day of the large finance firm, Berkshire Hathaway, CEO. Warren Buffet has popularly likened Bitcoin with ‘rat poison squared’.