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Brokerages Have Given The Stocks Of HSV A Rating Of Hold

The stocks of HSV have been issued a rating of hold by eleven research equities that have been covering the shares of this company. According to reports, two investment analysts have already given the stocks a rating of sell, while two of them have given it a rating of hold. Seven investment analysts have provided the stocks of this company with a rating of buy. The price target of the company over a period of a single year has been set at $16.11, as set by the analysts. 

The Quarterly Earnings of HSV

There have been quite a few research equities that have commented on the stocks of this firm. Berenberg Bank has already given the stocks of HSV a rating of buy, along with a price target of $18.29 on the shares. The Royal Bank of Canada has also elevated the price target on the shares of this company from $15.68 to $16.98 while giving the stocks a rating of outperform in a 23rd November research report. 

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The stocks of HSV traded at $13.56 last Thursday. The moving average for the company over a period of 50-days was GBX 1,107.82, while the moving average of the firm over a period of 200-days was GBX 1,230.80. The quick ratio of the company is 1.21, with the debt-to-equity ratio set at 115.85, and the current ratio fixed at 1.24. The year low of the company is $9.87, while the year high of the company is $17.91. The market cap of the firm is £3.49 billion, with a PE ratio set at 36.98. 

The stocks of HSV recently brought out a dividend on the company- that is going to be paid on the 8th of January. Investors of the company will be paid a sum of $0.08 as dividends on the 10th of December. This represented a yearly yield of about 0.49%.

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