BitMEX $540M Lawsuit Dropped By Frank Amato And Elfio Capone


The lawsuit against BitMEX has been recently dropped after one of the attorneys claimed that it had been settled outside the court of law.

In the previous month itself, the lawsuit between BitMEX, a cryptocurrency exchange, and 2 early founders named Elfio G. Capone and Frank Amato had been closed.

The attorney Pavel Pogodin from TransPacific Law has informed that the platform has successfully managed to settle the case with both the accusers with an amount of almost $44 million both in equity and cash.

BitMEX Settles Out Of Court

BitMEX has been the first trading platform of derivatives for cryptocurrency in the entire world. It was initially created in Hong Kong. However, it is presently situated in Seychelles and operates from there.

Capone and Amato have sued this cryptocurrency exchange platform in Superior Court situated in California. Their primary reason was to recover more than $500 million. These two men claimed that they had been the very first investors almost 5 years back. ‘Finance Magnates’ has reported that Hayes had sought Amato’s investment quite early in the year 2014.

The total worth of the equity of the plaintiff is assumed to be over $90 million along with $450 million for damages which ultimately comes to an equivalent of nearly $540 million.

BitMEX has given their comments regarding this matter to ‘Decrypt’ who will be posting them very soon.

The platform has faced several lawsuits in the past few years. During 2020October, the Commodity Futures Commission for Trading had charged BitMEX for money laundering and illegal operations in the US. After a couple of other lawsuits, this exchange platform had withdrawn approximately $420 million Bitcoin by 2nd October 2020.