Bitty Kitty: Cat Spoils Bitcoin Node During Price Crash With ‘Dirty Protest’

Bitty Kitty

Bitcoin is currently showing a bearish nature in the market. However, in recent news, a Bitcoiner’s cat disrupts the network with its dirty protest, nicknamed Bitty Kitty.

The Bitcoin node is a crucial part of the BTC protocol. Attacking the nodes and bringing them offline can be a great way for bad actors to undermine the network’s resilience. It was interesting when a British Bitcoiner recently revealed how his canine friend has rendered the BTC node for him and took it to “unreachable.”

The British Bitcoiner anonymously told a renowned paper that he was looking forward to contributing to the decentralization of the Bitcoin network. However, his feline friend had some other ideas about the project.

A British Bitcoiner’s Node Reached ‘Unreachable’ Thanks to Bitty Kitty

According to the user, the node worked smoothly until its installation, confirming Bitcoin blocks on average every 10 minutes. However, he said when the prices were starting to fall under $30000, this anonymous user logged in to the node after a while. It was then he realized that it was not there in the network. Then he discovered that his friend, Pablo, a large black cat vomited on the node – the infamous Bitty Kitty. This went through the node due to the vents to its sides, which is why the node was not working properly anymore.

However, fortunately, he didn’t take long to bring the power back to the node. The user said he just unplugged the device, plugged it in again, and the node was back online, showing the missing blocks.

On that note, running a BTC node is getting relatively easier with every passing day, and it is a great way to verify your transactions.