IBM Blockchain, And GameStop


The Blockchain of IBM has been missing its goals in revenue for the past two consecutive years. This has a wider margin of misses that has now gained questions. The computing giant’s blockchain unit now has atrophied by approximately almost 10% of its peak. This has been reported by several anonymous resources. They further said that the expectations for the enterprise were way too high. IBM, they also said, managed to make several announcements and promises. But, it had failed to execute as such. 

The Big Blue blockchain is mostly known for working upon Hyperledger Fabric. It is, in fact, a network of several other networks supporting the FoodTrusts incubated by IBM. This food trust is a direct farm to the market system, being tracked and backed by TradeLens, Walmart. The former of which is a logistics blockchain of shipping containers, and in turn, Maersk backs it. 

Other News In DeFi Blockchains

The decentralized financial blockchains are also being flooded due to the drama that GameStop has created. This has been confirmed by some resources. The trading volumes of DEX and CEX have been increasing dramatically over the last week. These exchange tokens have been reaching and breaking new highs of their own. These actions are coming, if not all, then some, from traders who are affected by Robinhood. Robinhood has limited trader activities for certain investing in meme-stocks. 

The token from BNB hit new highs, as it reached and breached the $50 mark in the early hours of the market. A developer’s report was released by Outlier Ventures on blockchains. It reported that Ethereum, Cardano as well as Bitcoin were the first, second, and third most developed chains of the past year.