Blockchain Aus CEO Has Hammered Regulation By Enforcement


Simon Callaghan, the new CEO of Blockchain Australia, hopes that the Federal government will take its ideas about crypto regulation from Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, and Singapore- but not the United States.

In his new role, the CEO has aims of steering the crypto rule-making in the country and avoiding making similar moves to the US Securities and Exchange Commission- which is currently suing the two largest exchanges in the world and has branded around 68 tokens as securities. The CEO also commented that the regulation by enforcement is currently the equivalent of having a hammer, and looking at everything akin to a nail- he considered it to not be the right approach for Australia to be taking in.  

CEO of Blockchain Australia Looking For The Best Way Of Governance

On 26th June, the CEO of Blockchain Australia was announced. Simon Callaghan was previously the digital assets program lead for Cambridge University and a co-founder of corporate service provider MOOPS Tech. His earlier roles also included a year as the Asia lead for crypto lender Celsius, but he left a few months before the collapse of the firm. He also had quite a brief stint at Vauld- the crypto lender.

The appointment of Callaghan comes after around a year of limbo– which follows the departure of Steve Vallas, the former CEO and industry advocate in July 2022. The role of the CEO was briefly filled in by Laura Mercurio in September last year, but she then parted ways with the organization just a few weeks later due to visionary differences. 

The CEO of Blockchain Australia has also commented that the government in the country hasn’t really taken a hardline stance on crypto, unlike the Biden administration, and the regulators in the country.