Adopting Blockchain Is Consuming Data Sources


Blockchain’s chief architect from Parsiq, Anatoly Ressin, recently had a word with Cointelegraph in China about blockchains. There, he spoke about how the mass adoption of it is missing primarily the ability of consuming different sources of data. He said that every blockchain has its own unique way of communicating. The set rules prevent various solutions from exchanging and sharing information. 

He mentioned Polkadot, Cosmos, and Hyperledger try to build a similar way to communicate various ones. But these are limited, as they only create it at par to a network level. At the same time, they should be trying to develop the architecture at a more user level. This is where he plugged Parsiq, saying it was different from the rest, even the bigger ones. 

Ressin’s Opinions On Current Blockchain

Commenting further on blockchains, Ressin further stated that we now see several blockchains everywhere on the internet. But they needed “solid protocols” to make them all work together. As per Ressin, Parsiq is a platform that works and makes events more actionable and consumable. This means that its subscribers are allowed to have a look at the world outside, with any event being held, notified to them. These events are then connected to apps that are off-chain. 

But there is also something today about the name of the firm and the project. Parsiq, as well as the legal entity that stands behind it, Syntactic, are derived from a compiler theory. The theory is about creating one’s own language. Hence, he added that “parsers” were things that had the ability to “parse.” It takes the information in, digests it all, and then makes something more valuable out of it. 

He even spoke about smart contracts. They (smart contracts) live on the blockchains, according to him. Parsiq, he finished, has a language that it has created that lets people connect sources.