Blockchain’s Game Alliance Demo Day Featured Shotguns, Doctor Who, and Dragons

Blockchain technology
Blockchain technology

The Blockchain Gaming Alliance has made it perfectly clear that the members of this organization are going for the kill- due to the significant increase in its revenue. Since Blockchain technology is getting starved of its end users, they have been moving in towards the gaming sector. According to a forecast from the global gaming market, the revenue that is going to be generated in 2020 is close to $159 billion. And this was mentioned in a digital conference held over two days. Currently, there are close to 2.7 billion gamers all over the world- which is close to a third of the entire global population. If we consider mainstream adoption, gaming is as widespread and as important as drinking water, and breathing oxygen.

Now, the entire Blockchain sector is waiting with bated breath for even a fraction of those gamers to bring in blockchain technology in their folds. For that would catapult their revenue to a point that would be immeasurable. The crypto industry has been looking towards such levels for quite some time now. Therefore, it is interesting to note that Blockchain does feature an array of compelling use cases that will allow gamers to get inducted into their folds. This makes it completely unsurprising that Blockchain is devising technology that would make it possible for several new variants to be introduced into the medium. 

This very Blockchain Game Alliance was created so that blockchain technology would be able to promote its luxuries to the gaming industry. The BGA has, since then, encouraged the induction of decentralized gaming, nonfungible tokers, and even brought in faces of decentralized finance through newer and better ways of creating, publishing, playing, and building stronger communities through the world of gaming. The members of BGA have been representatives of every single aspect of gaming, and the industries of blockchain. This organization has been organizing regular workshops and presentations and has also dedicated itself to the promotion of diversity. In fact, the Blockchain gaming industry has also encouraged women to become major shareholders in the games. Recently, they organized the BGA Game Demo Day, which was split across two different days- November 4th, and November 11th. This event allowed the members of the organization to display their upcoming offerings and latest developments. So, for the average gamer, this was quite a showstopper as you would have found yourself mightily impressed with the future that had been augmented through blockchain-based gaming. 

There were several games that had been discussed and debated about in the event, but this article would be majorly focused on analyzing the diverse range of games that are blockchain-enabled. This includes cutting-edge virtual and augmented reality experiences, RPG titles, and even a MUD that is text-based. 

Blockchain Gaming Industry
Blockchain Gaming Industry

Blockchain Gaming When Reality Gets Too Tough

If your everyday life is too boring and mundane for you, why don’t you try out the new virtual reality of Somnium Space? This virtual reality game was the most visually impressive demo- with this game being an open and persistent 3D universe. The demo allowed users to interact and create with anything that they would want to. This game can be accessed using a standard web browser, or a VR headset, with the demo featuring an NFT art gallery where paintings used in the game universe can be bought in reality. 

But if you want something that goes the extra mile, maybe Reality Crash is more your thing. This game has now been made available on Google Play stores and iOS, as this AR shooter allows you to create an avatar and place it on a battlefield which is called ‘The Sim’. This game is interesting, for your real movements affect the action present in the game. 

Blockchain Gaming Through Penny Arcade

The event also featured quite a few casual and arcade games over both days. One of the best accepted ones was the Gala Games’ Town Star- which is simply a farm-building sim that can be played either on mobile or through a web browser. This game also has several weekly competitions where users can win cash prizes depending on the type and amount of crop they can grow and sell. The game has also featured several crypto inventory items that can further be collected and turned into bots. 

Another game, called Mib Trek is all about a scavenger hunt through several marble-based universes where you find ‘genesis’ marbles. These marbles are usually found hidden in Ethereum wallets- which you can unlock by finding and solving clues that will be found inside the game. This is quite similar to the Mines of Dalarnia, which is another mining inspired game- which brings in a round of much more complex tokenomics. This mining game actually has actions that require players to start excavating mines to look for minerals. These minerals would then be used to upgrade their own equipment. 

Several Key Moments of the Blockchain Gaming Event

The crowd was immensely diverse, but some of the games did turn a few heads. Soccer Manager Elite, one of them, is a soccer management simulation that has been completely decentralized. Managers would be able to choose the tactics of their team and even work on the lineups, and players would be able to buy shares and stocks in other clubs. This provides them with certain voting rights, on decisions as to the coach. The game is all about turning soccer clubs into miniature autonomous organizations that are completely decentralized. 

There were too many games for a single user to digest at once. But there is no reason to fret, for the BGA’s Game Demo Day is still available on YouTube- with both the parts readily available. Blockchain gaming is really coming to the forefront with so many challenging, interesting, and unique games that are immediately available, and which are lying around the horizon.