These are the 5 Best MacOS 11 Big Sur Features, and a Definitive Guide as to How to Use Them

MacOS 11 Big Sur
MacOS 11 Big Sur

The MacOS 11 Big Sur- Apple’s latest OS for Mac is now available for download. This OS has been said to be pumped with newer and better-designed features that would really bring up the user experience which involves Messages, Safari, and Maps. The MacOS 11 Big Sur is also going to be the first version of the MacOS that is going to function on the new Macs built by Apple. This involves the in-house M1 silicon chip.

Incidentally, this OS will also work on older machines that are Intel-based. But, if you have already decided to go for a new MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, or the MacBook Air with the M1 chip, the MacOS 11 Big Sur has been optimized to provide optimum user satisfaction on these machines. 

The optimization includes apps that would be running much faster, and smoother- something that was mentioned by the executives at Apple on November 10th when they had a virtual event for the launch of the OS. Also, there will be far advanced security devised for this OS. But that’s not all there is- for if you are hesitating on not upgrading to a newer Mac- you will find the MacOS 11 Big Sur for the current system too. 

Here are the 5 new best features of the MacOS 11 Big Sur

Safari in MacOS 11 Big Sur

The biggest upgrade that this MacOS 11 Big Sur has brought comes with the Safari web browser of Apple. According to the parent company, this was the biggest update that Apple initiated since 2003. This newly refurbished browser is going to present your websites much faster, along with tab management capabilities. The Safari web browser will also have its privacy features much improved, and will include a privacy report button.

MacOS 11 Big Sur
MacOS 11 Big Sur

Messages in the new MacOS 11 Big Sur

The newly instituted Messages app in the new MacOS 11 Big Sur has ways that allow users to pin conversations- along with options that will allow you to better wrangle group messages, and an upgraded search function. The Messages app would also have newer options for designing Memoji and other message effects. 


The recently improved Maps app in the MacOS 11 Big Sur has included several options that are going to help you discover new places, and then start sharing those places that you did find. You will also be able to view detailed indoor maps of shopping centers and airports. Also, there have been updates to bring out a 360-degree view of any destination. 


Similar to the iPadOS 14, and the iOS 14, the MacOS 11 Big Sur provides quite a host of widgets to your home screen. For the uninitiated, widgets are mostly dynamic, large icons that contain and provide live information about the app. The widget could range anywhere from one’s daily step count, to the weather.

iPhon and iPad Apps

In the event that you purchase a MacOS 11 Big Sur that is being powered by one of the new Silicon chips of the parent company, your PC will be able to operate every single thing that runs your iPad and your iPhone apps. 

The newest MacOS 11 Big Sur is quite an improvement over the previous OS from Apple. And it seems to be heralding a new and interesting development in the field of Operating Systems