Apple November Event: Set An Alarm For The Third Apple Event Of The Year

Apple November event
Apple November event

Brace yourselves, Apple lovers. Apple has come out with its third event in three months which focuses on the upcoming transition to Apple Silicon in the Mac Lineup. The Apple November event will take place on the 10th at 10 a.m. PT, and you can tune in with the tagline “One more thing”. Apple has promised to release its first Apple Silicon machine before the end of this year. 

Details of Apple November Event

In September, there was a special event regarding the Apple Watch with a new iPad Air and the 8th generation. The ‘Hi, Speed’ event was held just last month to unveil the iPhone 12 lineup with new MagSafe accessories and the HomePod mini. 

The third Apple November event focusing on the new Apple Silicon machine will be live-streamed across Apple’s website, Apple TV app, and possibly on YouTube too. The ‘One more thing’ tagline used in this event is a classic Apple reference to previous keynotes. Stay tuned to find more details on the coverage and the event itself when the event day rolls around. 

What is so special about Apple Silicon? 

There are a lot of rumors about what to expect from the first Apple Silicon Mac. One earlier report has indicated that the first ARM-powered Macs will be an upgraded version of the 12-inch Macbook, while other reports have hinted that the first machine would be a 13-inch Macbook Pro or even a new 24-inch iMac. Apple has

already announced its transition from Intel to custom Apple Silicon processors in the Mac earlier this year at WWDC. Are you excited to get your mind blown by the probable release of the first machine at the Apple November event? 

Also, Apple has registered this month a few Macs with the Eurasian Economic Commission. This is a hint towards new products coming out on the market soon. However, in the latest macOS Big Sur beta versions, there are multiple references to unreleased Macs. 

Other products to keep an eye out for during the Apple November event

Other possible products to be released in this Apple November event can be Apple’s AirTag item trackers, AirPods Studio headphones, and TV with a Siri Remote. Which product do you think would be the best catch at this event? Will one of the first Silicon Macs be yours? We will be looking forward to hearing from you guys in the comment section below!