GNUS Stock: Recent Reports Hint At The Future Of The Genius Brands International Inc.


GNUS which stands for Genius Brand International Inc., an animation company that works for toddlers. Recently, hit a hard fall when about 9.48 percent from the closing price which was 11.73 dollars compared to a year old price. A loss of about 32.26 percent of the loss was seen in the last five of its trading sessions. On 28th October of 2020, a press release mentioned that the GNUS stock announced 58 million dollars in registered direct offering.

Is GNUS Stock worth investing in?

A 36-month beta value for GNUS stock is now at 2.20. Many investors rated the stock as Zero and rated with a ‘buy’ in case of a ‘good buy’. Apart from this 1 analyst out of 1 provided a bad rating to GNUS stocks. The average price that was set by analysts was 4.50 dollars per share. Genius Brand International Inc’s public float is around 180.40 million dollars, which are furthermore short by a 16.31 percent ratio. In the current state, the average trading volume of GNUS is 24.89 shares. It was about 32.26 percent in the recent week that the GNUS stock fell in the market. 

Side by side, there was a monthly drop of 14.63 percent and a quarterly drop in the performance by 39.31 percent. The annual performance rate was barely hanging around by 61.54 percent. The week’s volatility ratio stands around 8.65 percent for the Genuis Brands International Inc. company. The average in the last 20 days was 21.96 percent which caused the GNUS stock to fall pretty below its expectations. The moving average of the company’s stocks stands at 17.91 percent that was calculated based on the last 200 days. In the last 52 weeks, the company hit its rock bottom. The GNUS stock was not able to rebound and now settled for 91.05 percent of loss in their company.

The Insider Activities:

Reports subsequently reported that in the GNUS there were many insider training activities occurring from KLEIN MICHAEL G, the director of GNUS. The latter had purchased around 25,000 shares at just the price of 2.83 dollars in July of 2020. Following this incident, it was seen that 45000 shares of Genuis Brands International Inc. were purchased by MICHAEL G. 

The total of all the shares stood to a figure of 70,750 dollars as the closing price. This further meant that Klein Michael was now in possession of 20,000 shares. This all was worth 13,650 dollars, estimated on the basis of the recent closing price.

Recent profitability reports:

In the recent news, it was heard that 113.21 is the operating margin in the present. Apart from this, 16.90 is the gross margin. The net margin for GNUS stock is at 194.34. The capital value that GNUS stock gets in return is about 37.61 whereas the invested capital returns are 74.64.