Security Warning From Facebook Following The Cases Of Numerous Stolen Passwords


Several marketplaces on Dark Web make a huge business by stealing passwords from accounts of various social media. On average, one account of Facebook costs almost $74.50. As a result, phishing rackets and cybercrimes usually target these networks of social media platforms to conduct their stealth and remain unidentified.

Phishing activities are the tool to easily steal a large number of details and credentials required for logging into one’s social media account and they can do it at one go. A scammer merely has to generate a fake ID page that will be able to trick the targeted person to sign in to their Facebook own page.

However, cyber stealing is a tricky affair since the data must be stolen with utmost care otherwise it can easily blow away the entire maneuver. Cybersecurity systems have a dual purpose of protecting honest Facebook accounts as well as take down the cybercriminals. A few cybercriminals were caught with stolen Facebook credentials red-handed due to the lack of a protected database.


Facebook Identifies Cyber Criminals Through A Substandard Phishing Action  

A VPNmentor is possessed by every security researcher. As a result, as soon as an unsafe database is identified in possession with a countless number of suspicious login credentials of Facebook accounts is immediately considered to be stolen by that specific cybercriminal.

One such identification was made which was able to prevent a huge network of phishing operations that was being done to target the users of Facebook and used fake pages of landing for the entire maneuver.

Many of the researchers have considered that these cybercriminals had been using many websites that provide fraudulent services to the users of Facebook. They also offer reports containing details regarding the identification and timing of login by a specific Facebook user.

The targeted users are enticed and encouraged to log in to their accounts and then all their data and user credentials are stolen and directed towards the network of cybercriminals.

The huge number of users whose data is stolen is shockingly large. This indicates that the scammers have been able to conduct their initial fraudulent acts very well. Though, these bunch of scammers did a huge mistake while they were performing the data heist. The cybercriminals completely forgot to make the addition of a password in their treasure of stolen credentials. Not adding the password to protect the stolen information proved to be their fatal fault.

As a result, any web browser was able to identify the huge reservoir of stolen information very easily and get access to this treasure.

To protect your data, go to the ‘Settings’ on the homepage of Facebook and select the ‘Security&Login’ option. After you change your password with a tough combination, your data will be much more protected than earlier.

You must also turn on dual identification on your phone for better security.