12 Legal Ways To Make Money On Facebook!

how to make money from facebook
how to make money from facebook

Go from non-stop tiring scrolling to hustling on the biggest social networking site in the world! We all know how time flies when we are on Facebook. What many of us are not aware of is how perfect Facebook is to try out our entrepreneurial skills. Here are 12 legal ways you can make money on Facebook! 

Just Lend A Helping Hand At All Times

Use the app to do what it is meant for – social network. Many people pay millions to lobbyists. Once you understand the power Facebook has, you won’t deny it. More than half of the people on earth are on Facebook. Where can you find a better place to meet people or advertise your skills?

Find groups of content that you believe yourself to be an expert in. Help out anyone and everyone who needs help. Over time, you will gain enough following to make a handsome living! 

Make Yourself Visible

Nowadays, people don’t even go to other search engine sites. They just hop on Facebook for information. The search option at the top of the app is used by millions, and if you figure out the algorithm, you can manage to get heavy traffic on your Facebook page. 

You can use keywords in your posts and create groups for your specific content. So when people search for the topic, your post or group will be on top of the list. 

Give And You Will Receive

Who says Facebook only takes? You can execute in-depth research on Facebook, and you might receive the most creative and impressive results. You can use the site to look for trending content. See what is popular, what people want, and inspire yourself to create interesting content that has the potential to go viral. 

And I don’t need to tell you how being viral can help you earn money on Facebook! 

A Virtual Market

Too much extra stuff lying around the house? Well, if you have things that you wouldn’t necessarily miss if they are not there, what’s the harm in selling them? And the greatest thing about this virtual market is that your audience will be local, so no shipping costs! 

Or you can go the other way around and buy things from this virtual market. And just sell it somewhere else! People can price their stuff really low when they get bored or desperate. Make money on Facebook like a boss. 

Make Money On Facebook By Making Them Pay You

jobs on FB

Did you know that Facebook hires employees from across the globe? Of course, they do. They are a global networking site. Facebook even has a careers page! Or, if you are not yet ready to be a Facebook employee, just look for a job around your home. Facebook makes this possible by providing us a category for jobs that’s available on their left sidebar. You can even use a filter to look for specific jobs. 

Organize Events And Challenges

Whatever field your business is in, trust me, you will find an audience. And if you believe yourself to have what it takes, why not take it to another level? Organize events and think of creative challenges that will interest people. These are activities that are great for community-building. Once you achieve a strong network, it will be easy to make money on Facebook. 

Social Media Skills – Rookie To Expert

It takes skills and vast knowledge of popular culture to run a successful website. And which websites are not linked to their social media accounts, right? Online presence is something that’s irreplaceable in this digital world of ours. Top companies and even celebrities hire Social Media Managers. And it’s a high paying job, with an average of $45,000 a year! Try looking for the marketing management of companies that you would like to work for. Hit them up, show off your following, and you might just earn a spot. 

Your Facebook Messenger Can Become Your Newsletter

Be active and connect with as many people as you can, of course, people who share your interests. Over time you can build a community so valuable, you can’t even imagine. As you connect with them over Facebook Messenger, you can easily send out broadcast messages. This way, your content will reach many more people than an email broadcast can ever do. It will be even more immediate, as an average person spends at least 2 and a half hours a day on Facebook.

Don’t Catch Bugs, Catch “Bug Bounty”

Facebook has created a program called “Bug Bounty,” where they invite reports from Facebook users who can catch any bugs that the app might have. And if you consider yourself to be a bounty hunter, apply for a position, and you might catch a bounty of $500, minimum. 

Facebook Bug Bounty

One word of caution is required here. If the bug you detect is of really low risk, you might not qualify for any bounty.

Become An Ambassador For Other Brands

If you become successful in earning enough followers, there are many ways you can make money on Facebook. Contact local brands that you like (or don’t like, it’s your choice.) And you can earn money through advertising fees. 

Meme Merchandising 

Meme Merchandising to make money on Facebook

Uncover the most viral memes from Facebook, and you can earn while LOLing. This requires knowledge of current events and pop culture. If you are a quick thinker, you’ve got your money problems solved. You can use Etsy or Merch By Amazon to sell your own meme merchandise now. 

Pull Up Your Socks And Dive Into Content Creation

You know you have been wanting to blog for a long time. Every time you come near, but shy away at the end. Well, gather yourself and get into whipping out creative content! You can have fun and make money on Facebook. Just make sure to give time to in-stream videos. Partner up with brands. Another way is by putting out fan subscriptions. 

These are the few ways you can make money on Facebook. The key is to be patient. Now get into action!