Here’s What You Need To Do To Get Verified On Social Media

Facebook Verification
Facebook Verification

Have you ever wondered how celebrities get a blue tick in front of their Instagram username? Or if you are a social media newbie, have you wondered what it even means? Well, we are here to tell you exactly what it is and how you can get verified on social media too. 

The blue tick is basically a legitimacy marker. It informs people that you are the real deal. Most public personalities have it. While most of you must be aware of the blue tick on Instagram, you might not know that Facebook too has upped its game and introduced this feature. 

Before we tell you what you need to do to get verified on social media, we must clarify – this is not a foolproof plan to get verified. We just lay out the process. Facebook and Instagram are still the authorities on whom they want to give a green light. 

That said, let’s begin with our short but useful course! 

Instagram Verification

verified on Instagram

1. Open your profile. Press on three lines on the right side of the page

2. Click the settings icon

3. Go to ‘Account’ and then tap on ‘Request Verification’

4. Instagram will then ask you for your Instagram handle, your full name, and a government-issued identity card

5. Simply upload the documents and press submit

And voila, your request has been sent! Now all you have to do is wait for Instagram to process your request and verify you. 

Get Verified On Social Media – Facebook Verification

Before we move ahead, let’s figure out what makes an account eligible for a verification badge on Facebook. Your account or page must have :

1. A cover photo

2. A profile picture

3. At least one post

4. A username which abides by Facebook’s guidelines

5. An account that agrees to Facebook’s Terms and Conditions

6. Additionally, your account needs to be authentic and unique.

If these conditions are followed, you can go ahead and fill this contact form. You can get this form on as well. 

Get Verified On Social Media

Once you fill the form, submit it, and sit back. Your work is done, Facebook will handle it from there. 

Just for the sake of clarification, let’s repeat it again. Completing these procedures does not signify that you will necessarily be verified on any of the two social media platforms. Another word of advice is – never ever respond to messages that say you can buy these verification badges. Neither Facebook nor Instagram sells its verification badge. The entire point of it is to show an authentic public figure or organization. 

Beware, if you provide any misleading or false information, Facebook and Instagram can take legal actions against you. 

If you are someone that’s not important in the public domain yet, chances are, you are not going to get the verification badge. But that’s okay, at least now we know what celebrities do to get verified on social media platforms!