Bluechip NFT Has Projected Moonbirds Signs


The company which has been brainstorming behind top-tier projects of NFT like Moonbirds, and PROOF, has also decided to sign a major representation deal with other Hollywood agents like the United Talent Agency.

The company which is focused on NFT was previously founded by the early-stage Twitter and Facebook investors Kevin Rose, as well as fellow designer Justin Mezzell in February. The company also has the Oddities and the Proof Collective NFT collections in the catalog.

The move was announced through Twitter on the 6th of January, where Rose mentioned that the goal of this deal was to get the brand known on a global mainstream scale- as opposed to simply being recognized as a major hitter in the Web3 space. Rose also spoke about the UTA- which was 1,400 people strong, with several divisions in television, film, music, sports, video games, branding and licensing, books, marketing, speaking, fine arts, and more.

The Owners Of Moonbirds Have Decided To Venture Into Hollywood

After putting up a thorough explanation of this move, the founder of Moonbirds, Rose also went on to note that the UTA will be working on the behalf of PROOF to help broker, vet, and execute partnerships and other opportunities for expansion across a whole plethora of fields. The Ethereum-based project was launched in April and currently consists of 10,000 8-bit owl-themed avatar NFTs.

To date, it has also managed to generate around $619.5 million worth of secondary sales. This figure puts the NFT as the 11th highest-selling collection on the market, between Doodles at 12th and CloneX at 10th.

Interestingly, despite the supposed bullish announcement of UTA, the 24-hour sales volume of Moonbirds has already gone down a hefty 57.86% with $442,747 worth of NFT changing hands during the time frame. Over a seven-day time frame, the trading volumes have gone up by 63.74%.