BlueSky Announces New Decentralized Twitter


On Wednesday, Bluesky, a Twitter-backed initiative to “create an open and decentralized platform for social media,” published its first code.

The code, dubbed Authenticated Data eXperiment (ADX), includes a software development kit, as well as server functionality and basic commands for things like writing posts and liking others’ posts on a social network. As the Bluesky crew pointed out in a tweet, it’s very straightforward.

BlueSky Hopes To Provide A Free Social Media Platform

The Bluesky team claims that releasing the code at this point demonstrates its dedication to “work in the light and share our success.”

However, a few fundamental aspects stand out.

To begin, ADX employs “self-authenticating data,” which allows individual users to transfer their network models. It’s user autonomy over corporate control, which is a Web3 concept. Company-controlled Web 2.0 social networking apps, such as Twitter, are now available.

“It’s not feasible to build a viable social network without moderation,” Bluesky’s staff tweets. For those who mistake Elon Musk’s aspirations for maximalist freedom of speech on Twitter for a zero-moderation policy, this may come as a shock.

The speech layer may be as unobtrusive as a web page. What is amplified over the network is determined by the reach layer.” While still the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey founded Bluesky in 2019, and the project advanced in 2021 with the publication of an ecosystem review of various decentralized technologies and applications, such as the blockchain-based InterPlanetary File System and Ethereum microblogging platform Peepeth.

Jay Graber, a former key developer of the privacy currency Zcash who subsequently became CEO, wrote the evaluation.

While Bitcoin and Web3 are in its blood, the company hasn’t said whether its decentralized standard would be based on a token or a blockchain network.