Branding Tips for Your Business App

how to manage social media for small businesses
how to manage social media for small businesses

Providing customers and clients with a business-based app is a wonderful value-added tool. For many businesses this can end up giving them the edge over the competition, offering something to customers that is useful and needed. But as you create your business app there are things you need to keep in mind to ensure it’s a big success.

Did you know that your business app gives you the perfect opportunity to make use of branding techniques? Here are some of the best branding tips you can use for your business app.

It Needs to Look Professional

Above all else, the business app needs to look professional. If you already have a website, the app should be a reflection of it in terms of style and branding. This helps to create cohesion and increase brand awareness. You can use the same color scheme, font, and layout. This also means the app should also contain all the same notable features as the website.

If you want to take payments via the app, this should be seamless and secure. For example, setting up a payment verification system will help reduce the risk of fraudulent payments and make users of the app feel more secure when they pay for a service. Envestnet | Yodlee instant bank account verification is a good example of a solution that reduces risk. For those unfamiliar with Envestnet | Yodlee bank verification, it provides instant verification of a bank account. It is designed to be quick, secure, and safe to use so that there is a reduced risk with digital banking.

Make Use of the Company Logo

Your company logo should also appear as often as possible on the app, without it being too obnoxious. It can be a small logo in the corner of the screen, at the top of the menus, and so forth. The logo needs to be the same as the rest of the company material, so this isn’t a time for creativity and mixing things up.

Your App Icon Shouldn’t Be the Same as the Logo

The app icon is the image that appears on a person’s device to identify which app it is. Some assume the icon is just the company logo, but this isn’t the case at all. Instead, choose an icon that is representative of the purpose of the app so that it makes sense and registers with the user. Your logo can still appear in the icon, but it shouldn’t be the main body.

Keywords Can be Incredibly Effective

Just as keywords can be useful on a website, they can also help with the app. It’s all about consistency so you can use the same keywords on both platforms. Experts recommend you use a combination of brand keywords and descriptor keywords. Each will help in different ways, so a combination approach is best.

The App Needs a Landing Page

Much like a website needs a landing page, so does your app. This will act as the home page where they can find all the most recent and important information, menus, links, and so forth. It should also tell a clear story about the purpose of the app and the business.

Each of these tips can help you with branding your new business website to make sure it feels cohesive and fits in with the company vision and plan.