Brittaney Elise: The Designer Behind Celebrities’ Luxurious Spaces

Brittaney Elise

It’s not every day one encounters an interior designer catering to the elite, but Brittaney Elise shines in this realm with luminaries like Zendaya, Selena Gomez, and Michael B. Jordan among her clientele. Founder of BE. by Brittaney Elise, brings a bespoke touch to her high-profile projects, prioritizing privacy, individuality, and tailor-made designs. Elise’s journey into design began early, rooted in her childhood passion, and later formalized through a degree in Interior Architecture from California State University Northridge. Since establishing her own firm in 2012, she’s been on an upward trajectory, fueled by her unique blend of warmth, sophistication, and eclectic flair.

Brittaney Elise Crafting Personalized Sanctuaries 

Despite catering to ultra-high-net-worth individuals and celebrities, Elise emphasizes the universal longing for comfort and security within one’s abode. She approaches each project with a keen sensitivity to her client’s personal styles and functional needs, eschewing the imposition of her own aesthetic preferences. Whether it’s interpreting a client’s vision or guiding those unsure, Elise’s goal remains the same: crafting spaces that authentically reflect the inhabitants’ narratives. Her portfolio showcases diverse projects, from lofty penthouses in the NYC Financial District to intimate yacht interiors adorned with Dolce & Gabbana Casa pieces, each a testament to her adaptability and ingenuity.

One standout project is a high-rise oasis in the NYC Financial District, where modern lines and warm tones converge to create a sense of home in the clouds. Another notable endeavor is a yacht interior infused with personalized touches, blending luxury with comfort seamlessly. Even in designing spaces for children, Elise maintains a balance between whimsy and sophistication, ensuring longevity amidst growth. With each project, she aims not just to meet expectations but to exceed them, fostering collaboration and innovation in the pursuit of truly remarkable living spaces.