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Monday, October 3, 2022

Brokerages Are of the Opinion That MET Might Set Up An EPS of $1.54

Most of the brokerage analysts have already expected the stocks of MET to announce an EPS of $1.54 for the current quarter, as Zacks Investment Research states. Two of the analysts have already provided records of the earnings of MET- with the estimates going all the way up to $1.61. The company had reported an EPS of $1.98 last for the same quarter- which is indicative of negative annual growth of around 22.2%. The next quarterly earnings would be reported by the company on the 3rd of February. 

The Quarterly Earnings of MET

Over an accumulated time period, the brokerages have expected the stocks of MET to report an EPS of $5.67 for the current year, with the EPS ranging all the way to $5.74. For 2021, the analysts have expectations of EPS going all the way up to $6.36 for every share

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The company previously published their results of earnings on the 4th of November- where the provider of financial services reported an EPS of $1.73. The revenue generated by the business for this quarter was $16.51 billion, which was above the consensus estimate of $16 billion. The net margin for the company was 8.82%, with a return on its equity at around 8.17%. The revenue for the firm was almost down by 2.4% on an annual basis. 

There have been quite a few analysts who have made MET the topic of their research reports. Smith Barney Citigroup has already increased the rating of the company to a ‘buy’, with a price target set at $55. Morgan Stanley, too, increased the price target on the company shares to $53, along with a rating of ‘overweight’. The consensus rating for the company has been set at ‘Buy’, whereas the average price objective of the company is $47. 

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