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Army-Navy Game 2020 Is Still A Guarantee In this Turbulent Year

The year might be extremely turbulent, with certain unprecedented developments– but the Army-Navy Game 2020 is still a guarantee. After all, it’s days like Thursday that force one to remember the word of coach Bob Sutton. One, where he spoke all about how one could never feel more aware and alive of themselves- rather than the place they were in at that point. And let’s be honest- it is going to be cold. The Sun isn’t going to be at its full strength, but this is the first time that the Army is definitely going to host the Navy in the Army-Navy Game 2020. 

Needless to say, this is one of those sporting events that doesn’t end with the victor being drowned in champagne. Interestingly, the game doesn’t end in a championship either. Every single December, the Midshipmen and the Cadets have had a game of football- which technically is for the ‘championship’ of each other. Philadelphia has been the usual host for these games- with it being a neutral ground. The scene is picturesque, with thousands of both the army and the navy coming in to see their fellow comrades, wards, or junior defending their unit. 

The Army-Navy Game 2020- What Does It Symbolize?

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Sure- it does seem a bit corny and whatnot, but the spirit is real. The two teams give their all in a game that is more symbolic and memorable than it is tangible. As it stands, the Army-Navy Game 2020 is one of the few opportunities a Marine or a Navy gets to showcase what it truly means to be passionate about their job, their duty, and their country. 

Hosting the game at West Point wasn’t without its troubles- due to Covid-19. Although the Army team was relatively Coronavirus free for quite a few months, the school itself wasn’t immune. Most of the players had to be quarantined- and with the Army using six different QBs for the Army-Navy Game 2020, it was quite a big deal. 

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