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Is It Possible To Get a Stimulus Check By the End of December?

As the situation seems to be now, time is drying up for the government of America to approve another stimulus check- something which is a conundrum. This leaves millions of citizens with the doubt regarding another stimulus check- will it be there at all by the end of the year? Although there have been indications that there could be a deal that would keep the amount much lower- a stimulus check might not have anything to do with that. 

The legislation could still create a stimulus bill before December 18- when the Congress and Senate would adjourn. Regardless, most economists believe that it wouldn’t be possible for them to go all out and match the CARES Act. The CARES Act that was signed in March had a stimulus check which provided up to $1200 for most citizens. The entire bill had a sum of $2.2 trillion allotted to it. 

What Has Been the Major Opinion Regarding the Issue of a Stimulus Check?

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The major opinion on this entire issue seems to be that even if an economic stimulus was in the works by the end of the year, we might never be receiving those $1200 checks. There have been two new proposals for stimulus checks- one of them being from a bipartisan group of lawmakers. The other stimulus bill was a Republican initiative that wasn’t as generous as the bipartisan one. Both of these stimulus deals have no provisions for stimulus checks or direct payments. In place of that, they would be proving money in the form of unemployment aid.

The next round of negotiations would mostly focus on the extension of unemployment benefits. It is of utmost importance that the benefits are going to end soon for the 12 million jobless workers on the 26th of December. So, instead of a stimulus check, the Senate needs to bring out some stimulus deal that would take care of it. 

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