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Shia LaBeouf Sued by FKA Twigs, Who Alleged Emotional and Physical Abuse

FKA Twigs has landed Shia LaBeouf in another controversy with the singer-songwriter alleging physical and emotional abuse against the famous film star. The singer has already sued the filmmakers, and as the New York Times reports it, the relationship they shared was relentlessly abusive- especially the period from 2018 to 2019. The pair met when they were working on the set of ‘Honey Boy’ a loosely autobiographical film on the life of LaBeouf. According to close friends of the ex-couple, FKA Twigs had fallen for the actor due to his blatant displays of affection for her. 

The Deteriorating Relationship of FKA Twigs- Shia LaBeouf

But after the shoot ended for the movie, their relationship dynamic changed too. According to the lawsuit, the actor became more and more possessive about FKA Twigs- with sudden bouts of jealousy thrown in between. After she moved in with him, he sent over a barrage of both physical and mental abuse- along with a STD that can be considered intentional. 

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The ‘highlight’, or rather the Doomsday of the relationship was a trip the pair took- which apparently unfurled several red flags about the actor. According to the lawsuit, Shia LaBeouf had been threatening the musician with a car accident if she didn’t profess her love for him. When she tried to escape, he pushed her against a car, and started screaming at her. 

Thursday saw LaBeouf providing his own statement- which was quite broad and had no mention of the relationship with FKA Twigs. All Shia mentioned was how he would never be in a position to say what people close to him felt when he abused them. He also spoke about how he had no reasons left to explain his callous behavior, or his vigorous bouts with alcoholism. 

But as far as the tabloids go, his run-ins with drugs and booze have been pretty well-documented over the years. Nonetheless, he did mention that several allegations against him were not true- but he would do everything in his power to recover from his alcoholism and PTSD. FKA Twigs, on her part, opened up about how she felt it was important for people to realize when they were in an abusive relationship- and leave it. 

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