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Saturday, October 1, 2022

President-Elect Joe Biden Believes the Stimulus Check Might Still be On the Agenda

Joe Biden, the President-Elect, mentioned that the US families might be in for another coronavirus stimulus check, on Friday. He spoke about how a stimulus check of $1200 would be much better than a completely new Covid relief plan. Incidentally, a newer Coronavirus relief plan was what began a newer series of negotiations post the elections. 

He went on to say that the stimulus check could still be on the agenda- but he wouldn’t be able to provide the specifics of it all. The main purpose of the stimulus check would be to ensure that the citizens wouldn’t be thrown out of their houses, or that their unemployment wouldn’t affect them any worse than it was already. Nancy Pelosi, the House Speaker, and Chuck Schumer- the Senate Minority Leader have already lent their support to a $908 billion bipartisan relief plan. Now, all they need to do is get an agreement from Mitch McConnell, the Senate Majority Leader. Last Friday, Nancy Pelosi mentioned that the lawmakers were striding towards a new stimulus check. 

What is the New Stimulus Check Plan That The Administration Is Deciding To Uphold?

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While this plan seems to be a good beginning, Biden has promised to bring in greater incentives as he takes care of the administration. In the interview though, the President-Elect refused to mention if he had spoken to the Majority leader of the Senate. Currently, the plan does not include a direct payment of $1200 to most Americans. In this regard, both Schumer and Pelosi have been calling for yet another stimulus check- one they hoped to get approved.

The Democrat leaders believe they need to meet halfway in their own faction, and actually start talking about the relief fund of $908 billion, others will follow. 

But there have been other members in the Congress who have questioned the importance of the bill if it didn’t include a direct stimulus check. Bernie Sanders himself mentioned that he wouldn’t be supporting the bill until the administration put in a stimulus check.

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