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Uber Versus Lyft: Which One Should You Choose?

So, you need to hitch a ride, but don’t want to go for a traditional cab. Which app are you going to choose? If you’re stuck in the Uber versus Lyft dilemma, you’ve come to the right place. In this article we’re going to deal with all the information you need, to choose between the two.

The Uber versus Lyft battle is one of the newest and most intense business rivalries happening today. There has been a lot of talk regarding the two in the past few years. And it’s clearly visible that both Uber and Lyft have been a major blow to the traditional cab companies and have changed the face of transportation as we know it. They are increasingly getting more popular and becoming people’s favorite companions because of the convenience. But even if you’re not a rider, you can always earn some cash on the side on your own time as a driver of either of these two.

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So, if you’re a rider seeking a ride to get downtown or a driver who’s looking for a way to earn extra cash for the upcoming holidays, here’s all you need to know to choose right.

Uber Versus Lyft: A Guide

uber drivers

To compare these app services, we’ve categorized them into two parts: riders and drivers. We’ll talk about each in detail in the following section.

For Riders

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The basic demand for all riders is a safe ride. In busy cities, getting hold of a cab is a nightmare. So you often run the risk of being late. But these apps have made your life a lot easier. The convenience is the major point of attraction for these apps. However, some people still find it icky to get into other people’s cars. But once you get the taste of the convenience, you won’t mind. To make it easy for riders to make a choice between the two, we’ve looked into ratings, prices, brand image, availability, and customer feedback of both Uber and Lyft.

·   Price And Other Charges

In both the cases, you get an account credit when you get started. That’s catchy but you need to look out for the surges. During the peak traffic hours of the day, your Uber charges might increase to 7 or 8 times the original price. The busy rush hours vary from city to city but the price hike is what you have to worry about. For Lyft, the price hike is comparatively less. Lyft increases their original price 2 times or so.

Owing to this enticing point, many Uber riders are now shifting to Lyft. This however, is inflating Lyft’s prices as well. As a rider, the best way to go about this is to check both the costs before you confirm your ride. This will always help you choose the better deal. You can also use Fare Estimate to compare the costs directly.

Your city, distance between your pick-up and drop location, traffic and how much you plan on tipping your driver determines the overall cost of your travel.

Uber gives you a pretty good estimate of your ride cost. Lyft is still striving to get there. It’s in the process of making its app more transparent for users.

·   App Usability

uber vs lyft

Both apps are moderately user-friendly. There aren’t many glitches in the functioning either. However, the Uber app appears more detailed and high-tech. Its design is sleek and polished. Uber has many additional features which are yet lacking in Lyft. However, in a techy world, it won’t take time to update its app. The current working version of Uber allows you to track your driver and gives you an estimated arrival and reaching time. After your trip is complete, you have the advantage of giving your driver a rating. There’s a difference in the user interface and the fare estimate. In other functions, both are at par.

·   Ratings

In the app and service industry, customer feedback is an essential part of growth. A lot depends on your users’ feedback and opinions. You can make updates on the basis of those opinions or simply let your customer feel special and unique by letting them know you value their product.

Both the Uber and Lyft app has the facility of rating your driver/ trip. In the Uber app, customers can also leave compliments or write thank you notes if they give 5 stars to their trip.

While the Uber app is more chic, the Lyft app is more vibrant. You can tip your driver through both these apps. If you give a good tip for the ride, you’ll find colorful fireworks on your Lyft app-screen.

Uber has other facilities as well. Apart from the transportation business, they’ve delved into other areas of the service industry as well, like UberEATS and so on. But if you’re a rider, these may seem distractions to you.

·   Area-wise Availability


You can catch an Uber ride from anywhere. However, availability is more in the metropolitan areas but Uber cabs are available in small towns as well.

In this field, Lyft is still catching on. It’s gradually expanding its availability. Uber’s coverage area as of now is higher than Lyft. In surge times or rush hours Lyft is a great option because it’s relatively cheaper but in case of availability, you can rely on Uber anywhere you go.

If there’s an occasion you need to get to and you need a good-looking ride then you can go for Uber as it has a better choice of vehicles. Moreover, if you want to cut down the expense, you can always go for UberPOOL. Share your ride with someone and cut your cost. This is an eco-friendly approach as well.

·   Vehicle Availability

This brings out the most distinct difference between both the apps. If you compare Uber versus Lyft, Uber surely has a huge range of luxury/high-end models to commonly available vehicles. The Uber app is popular in the office-goers and professionals sector.

Lyft also has high-end vehicle options ranging from a Chevy to a Maserati but they are not so commonly available. Also, many Lyft Premier and Plus cars are listed under Uber as well. So, decide the type of vehicle you want for your ride and then dig into price comparisons.

In the case of Uber, the range of vehicle options in the ascending order of price is UberPool, UberX, UberXL, UberSelect, UberBlack, and UberSUV.

The vehicle options in case of Lyft are Lyft Line, Lyft, Lyft Plus, and Lyft Premier.

·   Customer Support And Helpline

As already mentioned, as service apps, it’s an imperative to focus on customer service. You can reach the customer service of both these apps via email, website, helpline numbers or in-app support.

According to a rider survey, Lyft is more responsive in case of customer support. Uber has been dismissive in this area. It has a set of already answered questions to help out customers in case of general queries. Other than that, the notable difference is that Lyft takes out time to answer customer queries. This gives them a personal touch and makes customers feel valuable. However, being very user-friendly apps, it’s very rare that you’ll require any kind of help from these apps.

·   Brand Image: Uber Versus Lyft

Both the brands have a totally different brand image. While Uber has a more professional look attached with its service, Lyft has a more approachable and playful image. Uber is more inclined towards business-people and professionals; therefore, the overall image is concise and dexterous look. An Uber driver is professionally dressed. Uber gives you a complete service. An Uber driver will hold the door while you enter, help with your luggage and so on.

On the other hand, a Lyft car has a fluffy pink mustache painted on the vehicle. It has a friendly and approachable look. It is based on a community-oriented and friendly approach. You’ll find Lyft drivers to be more interactive. Lyft goes the social approach which is more enticing to a younger crowd. If you opt for a Lyft you can expect a nice, long chat with your driver.

While focusing on the brand image, it’s also important to note that Uber has recently been in the spotlight for a lot of negative publicity owing to global and local scandals. As the number of scandals keeps increasing, Uber riders are now shifting to Lyft more and more.

For Drivers

More and more people are enrolling as drivers in either of these apps to earn extra money after work. It’s a well-paying job which helps you with extra money for holidays or savings. With the increase in Uber and Lyft cab demands, these rideshare apps are in greater need of part-time or full-time drivers. Some people also make this their full-time job as the work comes with a lot of flexibility. If you’re stuck with Uber versus Lyft while deciding who to work for as a driver, go through the section below.

·   Income And Other Opportunities

Which one will help you make the most money? Which one is a better option?

How Much Does An Uber Driver Make?

In case of Uber, there are enticing signup bonuses which pay up to $500 if you succeed in completing 75 rides in 30 days. However, Uber drivers often express dissatisfaction with their pay. They consider Uber’s payment unsatisfactory with regard to the amount of work. Part-time Uber drivers, however, have been satisfied with Uber’s pay. So it’s recommended to combine other work besides the time you spend as an Uber driver.

It’s important to keep in mind that as an Uber driver you won’t be able to keep track of the pay per hour because variables like time, location, or distance can affect this amount. Constantly changing market conditions keep affecting the pay scale every day. But if you’re looking for some extra cash, then working as an Uber driver can get you some decent money.

How Much Does A Lyft Driver Make?

Lyft offers enticing bonuses to its drivers. Starting from $500 to $5000, the offers are lucrative but before relying on these offers, be sure to go through Lyft’s terms and conditions for better clarity. These bonuses depend on locations and so on.  It’s not recommended to jump into a job without being clear on what it’ll offer.

A recent survey result showed that Lyft drivers make about $17.50 per hour. This is about $2 more than what Uber drivers earn per hour on an average.

Moreover, Lyft drivers are more likely to earn more tips than Uber drivers. Uber recently added the feature allowing in-app tips from passengers. Tips vary on the basis of availability, location, and so on. As more days pass, Lyft drivers are earning more and more. But it’s also important to note that many Uber drivers also drive for Lyft and vice versa.

Going by the survey reports, being a Lyft driver seems more fulfilling in terms of earnings. Being focused on a friendly approach, drivers are also likely to have a more pleasant experience in case of Lyft.

·   Expenses And Vehicle Requirements

If you’re looking for a driving job in Uber or Lyft, it’s important that you remember that drivers will have to incur toll tax. If their car suffers any kind of damage, drivers will have to bear the cost. If a passenger damages any part of the vehicle, then the company will reimburse the driver on the cost. Some drivers consider these rideshare apps to be an unreliable source of income. They also steer clear of these apps because of high maintenance costs.

This is all you need to keep in mind for your Uber versus Lyft dilemma. If you need a cab-ride, you can flip through both and choose what’s best for you at the time. And if you’re a driver, then you can choose to drive for both these apps to increase the number of rides you get in a day. 

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