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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

The Federal Judge Has Decreed That The Trump Administration Needs to Abide by the new DACA Applications

On Friday, one of the Federal Judges decreed that the existing Trump administration had to follow protocol with the DACA Applications. The DACA simply means the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals- a program that protects young immigrants from being deported. This conveniently vetoed a memo that had been passed by the Secretary of Homeland Security that had suspended the rules. Nicholas Garaufis, the District Judge mentioned that the government had to announce to the public that the DACA applications were going to be accepted soon. This ruling came after Chad Wolf, the Acting Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security suspended the law. 

Last Friday, the Judge told the reporters that the memo which Wolf had sent out in July had been invalidated. The memo had talked about suspending when it came to accepting new DACA applications. It would also cut down the renewal period from two years to a single year. 

What Was This Memo on DACA Applications All about?

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This memo came into existence after President Trump had a ruling issued against him by the Supreme Court. The ruling came because the President had not been able to follow the procedures of rule-making when he had tried to abolish the entire program. The very program that Trump had decided to end currently had 650,000 people enrolled in it. 

The interesting bit about this entire saga is that the President had himself supported the DACA program back in 2016 when he was campaigning for President. But after he became the President, Trump announced that he would be ending the DACA program- one that Obama had started. 

The DACA program was all about safeguarding the rights of several young immigrants who were in the US. This program allowed them to work legally, and be protected from deportation. 

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