BTC On The Streets: The Trick To Onboarding U.K. Merchants Into BTC

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Tips, techniques, and difficulties from two btc holders that spent a day contacting “orange pill” sellers in the United Kingdom.

You accept Bitcoin. Do you want to? After a long day of work for two British Bitcoin (BTC) proponents, these inquiries reverberated around Reading, a town close to London in the United Kingdom.

James Dewar, a founding partner of Bridge2Bitcoin, with MSW, business development for CoinCorner, embarked on a marathon merchant adoption trip in Reading. They attempted to convince 63 stores, cafes, and restaurants to accept BTC within just six hours.

The Bitcoiners shared information and stories about their interactions with the general public while armed with flyers, sales experience, and passion for the world’s largest cryptocurrency. According to Dewar, of the 63 retailers they spoke with, almost 50% were outright rejections, and 10 of the 30 were “worth a follow-up.” Three businesses joined immediately or shortly after.

BTC Coming To The Street: Things To Know: 

Even though 3 out of 63 retailers may seem insignificant, they demonstrate the global adoption of Bitcoin.

Dewar adds that since we are at the lower end of the Bitcoin adoption threshold, there is now little awareness of the cryptocurrency. It’s still worthwhile to try it out and inquire about accepting Bitcoin at your neighborhood shop. Dewar quips that people could still be hesitant to accept or reject his offer even if he were to throw out £10 bills on the street because it’s similar to “sales in general.”

Since then, MSW has organized Bitcoin merchant adoption walks in Oxford and Edinburgh with different degrees of success. A few weeks later, Coach Carbon, a Bitcoin coach, teamed up with MSW in Oxford, and in Edinburgh, Jordan Walker, the U.K. MSW, joined the Bitcoin group. A day was dedicated to onboarding merchants by Walker and MSW before the first Bitcoin-only conference in the U.K.