BTC Price Expected To Fluctuate On The Monthly Closure


This week is still regarding the dollar because Bitcoin’s options expiration and monthly close are approaching. The volatility of Bitcoin (BTC) increased somewhat on September 26 as Wall Street avoided suffering large losses.

BTC/USD was at $19,000 for the day, according to reports from Cointelegraph Markets Pro, with per-hour candles of 1.5% to 2%. Following a period of consolidation since September 22, it was anticipated that the pair will eventually leave its constricted trading range.

A touch of the region near the higher range must indicate a continuing upward, according to Michael de Poppe, the founder of trading company Eight. The theory still holds true for Bitcoin; he tweeted that day. Material Indicators, an on-chain analytics source, concurred that volatility will return.

BTC trades in a narrow range. As the Monthly Close draws nearer this week, which corresponds with the Monthly and Quarterly Options expiration, volatility will rise, it predicted in a Tweet on the market’s health.

Switching Environments Impacting BTC

Josh Rager, a renowned trader, and strategist pointed to a greater range and stated that a plausible scenario might see BTC replicate its gains since the early months of 2019. Rager admitted that the macroeconomic atmosphere in 2018 was distinct from that in 2019.

Here on the large-scale front, US stocks steadied at the opening of Wall Street on September 26, preventing negative volatility in highly connected cryptocurrencies.

The Nasdaq Composite Index and The S&P 500 fell 0.65% and 0.35%, respectively, on that day. Despite this, the U.S. dollar index appeared ready to challenge its most recent 20-year highs, slightly declining after reaching its highest level since May of that year.

With a gain of almost 18% from January 1st, 2022 has been DXY’s finest year ever. Caleb Franzen, the senior market analyst, observed on Twitter the day that the 52-week% change is +21.3 percent, the biggest amount of change since 2015 Q2.