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Saturday, April 17, 2021

CAE Will Have An EPS Of $0.18 For This Quarter

Several research analysts have already forecasted that the stocks of CAE will be reporting an EPS of $0.18 for the current quarter. According to a report that was published by Zacks Investment Research, two of the analysts covering the stocks of the firm have already given an estimate of $0.16 to $0.20 on the EPS. Interestingly, the previous year saw an EPS of $0.34 brought out by the country, which was indicative of a negative annual growth rate of about 47.1%. CAE will be uploading their next quarterly results on the 28th of March. 

The Quarterly Estimate of CAE

The company previously posted its quarterly results on the 11th of February. The company which deals in aerospace had an EPS of $0.22 for the same quarter, which beat out the consensus estimate by around $0.17. The net margin of the company was 2.07%, while the return on its equity was around 9.35%. The revenue of the firm was $832.40 million, which was more than the consensus estimate of around $822.43 million. 

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There have been quite a few companies that have commented on the shares of CAE. National Bank Financial has already reduced the rating of the company from outperform to sector perform in a 10th November research report. Canaccord Genuity also reaffirmed their rating of hold, along with a price objective of $32 which was published on the 16th of February.

TD Securities also increased the objective price of the company from $33 to $34, with a rating of hold prescribed to it on the 16th of February. Scotiabank also increased the price target of the company from $38 to $39, along with a 16th February rating of outperform. 

Six of the analysts covering the firm have already given it a rating of hold, while five of them have given it a rating of buy. Currently, the company has a consensus hold rating with a $33.25 price target.

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