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VBIV Has Been Given A Recommendation Of Buy

Six analysts have given the stocks of VBIV a rating of buy, as reported by several market reports. Incidentally, one of the reports stated that a single analyst had given the company a rating of sell, while four others gave the company a rating of buy. Currently, the company has an average price target of $6.40, which has been calculated over a year. 

The Stock Commentary Of VBIV

There have been quite a few brokerage firms that have commented on the stocks of VBIV. Jefferies Financial Group has already put up a rating of buy on the company with a price target of $7 set on the stock. Zacks Investment Research has gone the opposite way, with a rating reduced from hold to sell, which was published in a 4th February research note. 

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The stocks of VBIV traded on Thursday at $3.46. The current ratio of the company is 9.06, with an 8.95 quick ratio, and a 0.10 debt-to-equity ratio. The company has a year low of about $0.69, with a year high set at $6.93. The moving average price of the firm over 50 days is $3.48, while the moving average price of the firm over 200 days is $3.18. The market cap of VBIV is $837.50 million, with a 2.14 beta, and a -20.35 PE ratio. 

Most of the institutional investors of VBIV had already been reported regarding the modifications that took place on its stocks. Bank of America has already increased its standing in the company by about 173%. They currently have possession of about 33,969 shares of this pharmaceutical company. The total valuation of their possession stands at $105,000- especially after they accumulated over 21,525 shares in the previous quarter.

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