California DMV Is Working On Digitized Car Title Management System

California DMV
California DMV

The Department Of Motor Vehicle aka DMV of the Golden State is now prepared to digitize the management of car title after their tie-up with Tezos, a blockchain-based platform. This project is going to launch this winter. It is said to be a part of a broader effort from the California DMV to modernize their operations for this current century. 

This project is expected to digitize the title management of the car on the blockchain which will allow the company to operate in a much more efficient manner. The Department of Motor Vehicle is willing to use the advanced features of the blockchain-based platform to make the process of car title management completely automatic which will make their service a lot faster. The California DMV will also use the smart contact capabilities of Tezos to create a database for the titled vehicles. One can update this list in real time. 

This project is also expected to reduce the need for paperwork that is associated with transferring of the car title and thus it will become a lot easier and faster for the new generation in the upcoming days.

California DMV Is Restructuring Future With Tezos: 

This project is a part of the department’s ‘modernizing california vehicle title record’ program. It seeks to increase the speed of the process of transferring the titles of the vehicles and to reduce the paperwork. This initiative is also aiming to reduce the cases of fraud by using the enhanced technology of the blockchain-based platform.

This partnership between the motor vehicle department and Tezos is a latest addition to the series of programs planned to bring blockchain tech into the public sectors. This has been marked for the first time that a company like Tezos is getting involved with a government company.