Cardano Community Is Beyond VC’s Understanding, Says Charles Hoskinson


Recently a video on YouTube has grabbed many eyeballs. The video shows Charles Hoskinson emphasizing the fact that Cardano is a rapidly growing ecosystem. He also clears the air around the concerns expressed by some members of this cryptocurrency community since the last year. 

Hoskinson has stated that the bizarre mantra of Silicon Valley must be changed and modified to accommodate crypto. This bizarre step caused decentralized finance to incur a loss of a massive $10.5 billion during 2021. 

Cardano Gets Support From Hoskinson 

Charles Hoskinson recently gave his statement that the world has become very arbitrary and facts are no longer reliable. So individuals must get their facts checked before making investment-related decisions. He made a point that most of the financial crimes take place in US dollar and other fiat exchanges so legitimacy is important. 

He further added that the crypto ecosystem might witness a slow rate of growth and 2022 might bring better improvement. He informed that this $2.5 trillion business is unpredictable and the consequences will also be extreme in nature. 

Hoskinson highlighted the strange Silicon Valley policies that caused losses and must be addressed immediately. He also said that this is one of the most important reasons that the VCs have no idea as to how big the Cardano community is on a global level. 

He assured that Cardano has a long and strong roadmap and mentioned they are the leading GitHub. He believes in the power of DeFi and Cardano is a small yet significant part of this industry. 

He also stated that creators and developers need to build a stronger and more reliable long-term vision for Cardano. He also made it clear that several projects will fail but this is the nature of the industry and the coming years will be highly experimental.